The Prescott Memorial School in Washington hosted the meeting of the Maine School Administrative District 40 School Board on Feb. 25. Although the board accomplished its official business, the meeting took on a show-and-tell theme as Principal Richard Blackman and several teachers shared their programs and class activities.

Fourth-grade teacher Len Lewis described the Quest Program. Students designed a quest to illuminate their school’s namesake. The quest starts at the Gibbs Library. Lewis said the quest is like a treasure hunt, and students learned a lot about the history of their town during the process. With funding from the Quebec Labrador Foundation, students at Prescott Memorial School will be able to take a trip to do a quest in another town. The Quest Program incorporated poetry, research and writing and “was a heck of a good time,” Lewis said.

Volunteer Mindy Gould gave the ingredients of the Cooking Club: dozens of interested young chefs in grades three to six, funding from the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program, and a sense of pride when the students learn to make a new dish. Gould said some students have never held a knife or cracked an egg, while others have a lot of experience. These more experienced students serve as mentors, Gould said. The students recently made baba ghanoush, an eggplant dish.

“The best part is the children seeing new things for the first time,” Gould said.

Barbara Kopishke described how her class helped collect more than 100 pairs of socks for people in need after reading a story about Hannah Turner, the founder of Hannah’s Socks. The socks were donated to The Bread of Life Shelter in Augusta and New Hope for Women in Rockland. Board Chairman Bonnie Davis Micue said traditionally in Maine, a small town will come through to help when there is a need in the community.

“It is good to know that tradition continues through another generation,” Micue said after the presentation.

With the focus on Prescott, the meeting was a chance to share news of upcoming events at the school.

The Prescott Memorial School Garden Fundraiser will be held Saturday, March 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the school gym. The farmers market and flea market will support the new garden project. The event will include a combination of local farmers, bakers and crafters, along with flea market items. There also will be a 50/50 raffle. Table rentals are available for $10. For more information, call Sue Frank at 845-2709.

The school’s pizza supper and theme basket raffle will be held Saturday, March 13 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the gym. There will be a raffle for five baskets, with themes of sports fan, green thumb, family fun, sweet tooth, and curl up and read. Tickets will go on sale March 4 at the school and will be available at the pizza supper. Tickets are three for $1. Admission to the pizza dinner is $5 for adults, $2.50 for children and $15 for a family.

Moving on to official business, the board voted Feb. 25 to approve an extension of administrators’ contracts. The administrators are Susan Jackson, director of instruction; Karen Etheridge, director of student services; Matt Lash, athletic director; Susan Hall-Taylor, director of adult education; Harold Wilson, Medomak Valley High School principal; Andrew Cavanaugh, Medomak Valley assistant principal; Ann Hassett, Medomak Valley assistant principal (half time) and federal titles coordinator (half time); Ben Vail, Medomak Middle School principal; Bob England, middle school assistant principal (half time) and technology teacher (half time); Julia Levensaler, Miller School principal; Lowell Jones, Miller School assistant principal; Ann Kirkpatrick, Warren Community School principal; Shawna Kurr, Warren Community School assistant principal; Richard Blackman, Friendship Village School/Prescott Memorial School principal (half at each school); and Linda Trenholm, director of technology.

“Welcome aboard for another year, folks,” Micue said.

In one of their favorite parts of meetings, board recognition, Micue and Superintendent Francis Boynton honored Nathaniel Courtenay, a sixth-grader at the Warren Community School, for winning a national writing award.