Top grade for Rockport hospital

I am a cancer patient at Penobscot Bay Medical Center. In passing last week, I overheard a conversation about a cancer patient. They said, “I went to Brunswick for chemo because Pen Bay doesn’t give medicine for nausea.” They had asked and they said, no they didn’t. So she opted for Brunswick, which did give nausea medicine. This is so not true. They do give nausea medicine and I was given it. I suffered hardly any nausea so I’d like to set the record straight. Penobscot Bay Medical Center does give nausea medicine for chemo. They are A-1 in my book.

Beverly Boivin

Thanks from Habitat

Midcoast Habitat for Humanity wishes to say thank you to several real estate companies for their recent efforts on our behalf. We’re grateful to two offices that held successful fundraisers at the U.S. National Toboggan Championships: the Camden office of Jaret & Cohn (raffle and food sale) and Camden Real Estate Company (food and knitted hats). Thank you to Help-U-Sell Windjammer Realty for assisting with the transfer of our 21st Habitat home. We welcome the help of any area business as we work to eliminate poverty housing in Knox County.

Vicki Doudera
President, Midcoast Habitat for Humanity

Organic lawn care

Hundreds of children and elderly people, those most vulnerable to the harmful health effects of toxic lawn chemicals, can breathe easier this spring thanks to Joseph Cloutier, Bob McKeown and Roy Hitchings.

Mr. Cloutier, owner of Realty Resources Management, has made a commitment to organic lawn care at the Camden Village Apartments and Merry Gardens. Last year, Bob McKeown and Roy Hitchings oversaw the transition to organic lawn care at Quarry Hill. Because of the forward thinking and noble actions of these local businessmen, the many residents and visitors at all three complexes, current and future, will be free from unnecessary exposure to harmful lawn chemicals.

Citizens for a Green Camden is asking every multiunit rental complex in town to pledge not to use toxic lawn chemicals for cosmetic use and we salute Mr. Cloutier, Mr. McKeown and Mr. Hitchings for leading the way. This campaign was endorsed at the start by every local pediatrician. An earlier campaign resulted in each one of Camden’s 24 lodging establishments pledging to use only safe products on their lawns.

Thank you Mr. Cloutier, Mr. McKeown and Mr. Hitchings, and the pediatricians and innkeepers of Camden, for recognizing the folly of poisoning our land and water, people and pets in the quest of a “perfect lawn,” and for keeping our town as safe and healthy as it is lovely. And this spring, remember: dandelions are delicious and good bugs make good buds!

Citizens for a Green Camden

Molly Stone, Marsha Smith, Amy Dietrich Russell and Patrisha McLean