New or returning gardeners will enjoy the garden talk at the Gibbs Library in Washington on Saturday, March 13 at 10 a.m.

Presented by Master Gardener Sharon Sperl Turner, the two-hour class will highlight the tried and true vegetable and flower varieties for this year’s planting as well as how to choose the right plant for a home garden. Turner will also talk about improving the garden soil, adding soil amendments and organic practices that protect native pollinators while encouraging strong plant growth.

One of the central principles of Turner’s sustainable gardening is the no-till method, where gardens are not tilled in the spring or fall. Rather than tilling, Turner is an avid advocate of using natural mulches to build soil and inhibit weed growth.

“The no-till method is much less work and creates a beautiful soil over time,” Turner said.

More details about this gardening method will be shared at the Garden Talk.

Time for individual questions and answers will be part of the event.

“I find that people learn a lot by listening to the questions,” Turner said. “Plus in the [question and answer session] I can offer information for specific topics of interest to the participants.”

Turner is a garden design consultant, educator and manager of the Washington Farmers’ Market. The event is free. Pre-registration is encouraged at 845-2663. Gibbs Library is located at 40 Old Union Road in Washington. For more information visit