A search through the newspaper archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2009

Ten inches of snow fell in Rockport while Hope saw 12 inches from a storm that hit Feb. 22 and 23 and caused more than 130,000 Central Maine Power customer outages.

The Rockland Planning Board voted to require a traffic study before the board would decide whether to waive its right to review a proposed 49 lot housing project in Rockport. Rockland had a say in the project because it was located on the Samoset Resort property, which extended into Rockland.

The Rev. Steve Young of Cushing, pastor of Penobscot Bay Family Church in Thomaston, released his debut CD “Be Healed.” MP3 downloads were available on iTunes and CDs were available at cstephenyoung.com.

Five years ago, 2005

Andrew Stewart aimed to reopen the Hope General Store. The store in Hope had been closed for about five years when Stewart moved in upstairs, and it was used before that as a craft store.

The Maine Army National Guard’s 133rd Engineering Battalion, which included local soldiers from the Company A armory in Belfast, was expected to return within the week to the United States.

A resident told the Camden Select Board he thought the town should not conduct business concerning the tannery property on Washington Street in secret.

10 years ago, 2000

“Blood is medicine, and that’s why we’re regulated by the Federal Drug Administration,” said Judy Sullivan of the American Red Cross in Bangor. She said each unit of blood was approximately one pint and usually benefited at least two people.

Camden’s historic resources committee wanted to preserve an old map that had been in the archives for many years. Once completed, the 1875 map was expected to be put on display at the town office.

Staff members at Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport were trained to do a new hearing screening for newborns. The testing, which was done while the baby slept, was noninvasive and took only two to fifteen minutes. Nurses learned to attach patches, much like the ones used for electrocardiograms, to the baby’s forehead and neck and then place soft, disposable cups over the baby’s ears.

25 years ago, 1985

State Sen. Jean Chalmers announced that the Camden and Rockland Water Company agreed to legislation allowing the company access to the Megunticook River as a backup water supply for Camden and Rockport. The water proposal accepted by the company, if passed, would allow the company to draw up to a million gallons of water from the river each day.

This appeared in “Food for Thought” by Richard McLaughlin: “When you bake potatoes in the skins, the nourishment moves from the peels to the flesh. Honest.”

Congratulations went to the 1985 Camden-Rockport Alpine champions: Dan Richards, Joseph Smith, Jurgen Smolle, Bruce Landry, Chris Christie, Todd Richard and Robert Iserbyt.

50 years ago, 1960

Mrs. Carlton Dougherty of Camden was the lucky winner of an O’Day sailboat, the Seven/Eleven. The Seven/Eleven was the latest in the series of fiberglass sailboats built by George D. O’Day Associates of Boston, the largest manufacturer and distributor of sailboats on the North American continent.

An item told of cake secrets, then and now. Early American cookbooks were full of special secrets for cake baking, it said. One was that in beating the batter it was better to use one’s hands in the winter and a wooden spoon in the summer.

An advertisement read: “Remember your church and hospital when making your will.”

100 years ago, 1910

Mrs. Hope S. Berry Beale of Camden celebrated her 90th birthday. Of her nine children, four were living and celebrated with her.

Capt. A. W. Maloney was at work in Friendship, assisting in taking lobsters from the lobster cars (the enclosed pens used to hold lobsters in seawater) near Long Island. The lobsters were to be shipped to Boston. There were 30,000 lobsters in the cars, which were to be taken out before April.

An advertisement for Camden National Bank read: “You take great chances if you hoard your money. It may be lost, stolen or spent foolishly. No speculative investments would tempt you if your money were deposited in this bank. The money that you hoard earns you nothing.”