Six or seven teachers in Regional School Unit 13 have accepted the district’s offer of a financial incentive to retire this year.

The RSU 13 School Board voted unanimously in January to offer financial incentives for veteran teachers and aides to retire.

Superintendent Judy Lucarelli said six or seven teachers have accepted the offer. No aides have yet agreed to accept the package. The deadline for agreeing to the offer is Monday, March 1.

Teachers who meet the retirement eligibility of the Maine State Retirement System and who retire at the end of the school year will receive an additional $10,000. Teachers have to be at least 60 years old and must have been with the district for at least five years. The payment for teacher aides would be $5,000 for those who have been with the district for at least 25 years.

There are 20 teachers and 14 support staff members in RSU 13 who are eligible for the retirement incentives.

The retirement incentives are being used to trim costs as veteran employees are at the top of the pay scale. There is slightly more than $22,000 difference between the pay of teachers at the top of the pay scale and those at the bottom.

The offer also comes as RSU 13 faces a gap between expenses and anticipated revenues of more than $3 million. The superintendent is expected on March 4 to unveil her proposed staff cuts but last month warned the cuts were likely to be numerous and potentially devastating.