Collin is back. Our beautiful boy, who left us last September for a home of his own, is now at home again, with us. Many tears were shed when he was adopted, but our sorrow was alloyed by the thought that he was going to a forever home. Now tears are being shed again, but they are tears of joy. We won’t get into the details, but he made it obvious to his family that he wanted to be back with us, and he arrived last Friday. He’s a little slimmer than he was, and because of the ringworm episode he can’t yet wander around his kingdom. But his fans have been lining up to take him for walks — he’s great on a leash — and soon enough he will be back at his old position of deputy office manager. We can tell you that Office Manager Sally Russillo is glad to have the help. Do stop in and welcome him home. He is such a fine fellow! And a fine feline too …

Next month Clarence Perry will turn 86. Known to all who know and love him as Perry, he was for many, many years the beating heart and steadfast soul of the shelter. Fay Secotte, who managed the shelter for 12 years, remembers that he was there before she came and after she left. He served as treasurer of the Camden-Rockport Animal Rescue League board, and he was often seen with the shelter checkbook tucked under his arm. His work inside the shelter was never done. He loved the dogs, and he fed them, cleaned their cages, took them for walks, transported them back and forth from the vets, and buried them when they died. He cared for the cats too, and he paid for quantities of dog and cat food out of his own pocket and never asked to be reimbursed for gas. On thunderstormy nights he slept in the shelter with the animals to calm their fears, and they loved him as much as he loved them. He worked outside too, shoveling snow and mowing grass and doing odd bits of essential carpentry. He set a standard of care that we all strive to live up to, and if his name is not yet inscribed on our walls, it is in our hearts. Thank you, Perry, for everything. We are forever grateful.

As we’ve mentioned here several times, we need volunteers to walk our canine corps. Bad weather appears to be on tap for the end of the week, but there have been a lot of fine days, so get out and go for a dog walk. Thanks!

The Blue Sky Cantina is once again donating 10 percent of all Tuesday lunch and dinner receipts to the shelter. Please show your support for us by taking a good appetite there. Muchas gracias!

Please vote to help CRARL win a $5,000 grant from Bangor Savings Bank in the “Community Matters More” campaign. It’s easy: go to, click on News and Events in the left-hand column, go to the BSB home page and vote.

Our wish list: paper towels, paper plates, Purina Kitten Chow, dry and canned dog food, AA batteries for a digital camera, large kitchen garbage bags, cat litter, laundry detergent, bleach, ODO-Ban cleaner, Windex, and especially plastic bags and towels and sheets. We are still building up the stock of cat bedding and toys that was depleted by the ringworm event.

And don’t forget the cardboard cylinders from rolls of paper towels. As we said last week, our staff noticed that the dogs love trying to get their treats out of them, and we love watching them try. Help us out.

Some of our fabulous felines who are waiting for a forever home:

Cindy is a sweet 2-year-old girl who would love to be your companion. She’s been here since March 2009, and we can’t figure out why she is still here. She doesn’t care if she lives in a house or apartment just as long as she is loved. Her adoption fee has already been paid.

Sherra, who is 2 or 3 years old, came to us as a longtime stray. Very affectionate and sweet, she is now in one of the cat rooms, and she doesn’t like it at all. She would much prefer a lap to sit in and a hand to pet her.

Bonnie is a 3-year-old love bug. As soon as you walk into her room, she is right there rubbing on your leg. She is in desperate need of a home where she can be loved and love someone back.

Michelle is 1 1/2 years old. Who can resist that sweet face? But she’s still here. She would be super as a family pet — come in and see if it’s your family she is looking for.

We are located in Rockport at 146 Camden St., just across from Subway. We are open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Monday. Please visit us in person and at We look forward to seeing you either place!