Hope Planning Board

The Hope Planning Board’s next meeting will be Tuesday, March 2 at 7 p.m. at the Hope Town Hall. If you wish to be on the agenda call Chairman Bill at 763-4322 after 7:30 p.m.

Auxiliary meeting

The newly formed auxiliary associated with the Hope Volunteer Fire Department will hold its second meeting Monday, March 8 at the new Hope Corner fire station at 6:30 p.m. At this meeting people should take their ideas for projects for this group. If you have questions call Nancy Keller at 763-4118 or Peggy Ludwig at 763-3347. All people are welcome to attend.

Midcoast Ladies Club

The March 9 meeting of the Midcoast Ladies Club will be held at the Camden ambulance station on John Street starting at 10 a.m. The program, which will be held in the morning, will be Christy Adams speaking on Indian artifacts and the Georges River Valley. At noon sandwiches will be ordered from Subway. Each person should bring their own beverage. Dessert will be furnished by a committee. The business meeting will follow. If you have any questions contact Arleigh at 236-8691 or me at 763-3751.


Sympathy is extended to the following families on the loss of a member of their family: Stephen Miller and family on the loss of his brother Larry Miller. Kevin Chapin and family on the loss of Kevin’s dad, George “Bub” Chapin. Kim Pendleton and family on the loss of her mother, Ella Mae Philbrook. We, the residents of Hope, were sorry to hear of so many people losing family members.

Class lunch

At the Feb. 18 class of 1958 lunch special guests were Hazel and Neil Peabody. Hazel was the sixth-grade teacher for a number of us. She told of her life being a teacher, where she taught, what grades and what subjects she taught. She also told of meeting her husband, Neil, and about their children. We all were very pleased to have them joining this lunch. Those present were Rosemary Winslow, Janan Vaughn, Jean Morrison, Brenda Richardson, Barbara Fang, Donna Hasal, Bea Grant, Janice Graffon, Bob Libby, Betty Lowell, Betty Moran, Joe Talbot and me. The next lunch will be Thursday, March 11 at noon at the Village Restaurant.

It’s happened

Well, I am now down the road living at 716 Barnestown Road. Chris, Linda and her mother, Marian, are now in the farmhouse. I have never moved before and my goodness if it was not for Dottie Wright and the wonderful help she has given me, plus our two sons, I never could have done it. The major question is always “now I wonder where that is?” Oh well, by Labor Day I should have everything found.