Conte’s, a restaurant that prides itself on offering fresh seafood and a new menu every day, has plans to move down the road.

Conte’s will move to 148 Main St. by April 15, said Jeannie Levensaler.

The move comes as the building the restaurant has been located in since 1991 is being leased to the group that is renovating the building at the end of the pier that will be The Pearl restaurant. That restaurant plans to open May 15.

Conte’s will be at a different location by April 15 but will operate the same as it has for 19 years. There will be no freezer in the restaurant and all the seafood used each day will arrive that day. There also will be no fryer.

Owner John Conte refers to the establishment not as a restaurant but as a fish monger originating from Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.

The menu can include haddock from the Georges Bank or swordfish from the Grand Banks, octopus or squid as well as lobster and other fresh catch from the sea, he said.

Conte’s was visited in January by Anthony Bourdain from the cable television show “No Reservations.” That episode is scheduled to be broadcast on the Travel Channel show Monday, April 12 at 10 p.m.