Lyman Morse Boatbuilding announced that two of its ZeroBase renewable energy support units were recently sent to Haiti. The ZeroBase units will be used to aid in the Haitian earthquake relief effort.

The two H-Series ZeroBase units were donated by Pegasus Capital Advisors to the Make It Right Foundation. For the immediate future, the two units will be used to provide power to schools in Haiti. While their long-term use remains undetermined, ZeroBase co-founder Henry Gentenaar said he hopes the unit will continue to provide assistance in the region.

Make It Right was founded in 2007 by actor Brad Pitt following the devastation to New Orleans’ Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina. Make It Right has recently played a large role in helping the victims from Haiti’s devastating 7.0 earthquake.

The ZeroBase is an all-in-one renewable energy converter and clean electricity generator. Designed to harness the sun, the ZeroBases provides primary or back-up power — on or off-grid — for short or long periods. They are mobile and require no fossil fuel or electrical source. The H-Series unit provides 3,500 watts of power replenished by 600 watts of integrated solar panels, with battery backup capability up to 28,800 watt hours of power. Each Zero Base is valued at approximately $20,000.

The ZeroBase began at Lyman Morse Technologies, the research and development arm of Lyman Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston. Lyman Morse Technologies currently has multiple units in production, keeping half a dozen people employed. The parent company, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding, has over 100 employees and three custom yachts under construction.