Waldoboro police and Medomak Valley High School administrators removed a firearm and ammunition from a student’s vehicle on school property on Feb. 23, according to Police Chief Bill Labombarde and the school. The firearm was of a type that is typically used for bird hunting.

Labombarde and Superintendent Frank Boynton said that at no time was the firearm ever displayed or taken out of the vehicle. The firearm was never brought into any Maine School Administrative District 40 school building. No student or faculty member was ever at risk, Labombarde said.

“No one was ever in any danger,” Labombarde said. “There was absolutely no malicious intent.”

The firearm and ammunition were immediately removed from the school grounds. School Resource Officer Thomas Hoepner took the firearm and ammunition as evidence to the Waldoboro Police Department. Labombarde and Hoepner are investigating the incident for the Waldoboro Police Department. The high school administration is investigating the incident for SAD 40.

The student is a juvenile and a student at Medomak Valley. The student is being charged with possession of a firearm on public school property.