The Muscongus Bay Atlas Exhibit will open Friday, Feb. 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Cushing Community Center in both the public library and the multipurpose room.

The 24 maps featured in the exhibit are enlarged versions of those found in the Muscongus Bay Atlas, which was published last year by the Quebec-Labrador Foundation. The maps show, among other features, the regional presence of historical sites, fishing, sailing and kayaking areas, wildlife habitats, and environmental monitoring sites. The maps were created by QLF in conjunction with members of its Muscongus Bay Project Steering Committee and over 85 data contributors and reviewers from the region.

In addition to a brief presentation by QLF’s Marine Program director, Jennifer Atkinson, the opening night will showcase photography and written reflections by Cushing Community School students inspired by the Town House Loop Trail, presentations of new and vintage maps of the area, and updates about the Pleasant Point Nature Preserve as well as efforts currently under way to open more of the town’s clam flats to harvesting. There will be plenty of refreshments on hand and ample opportunity to view and discuss the maps. Admission is free.

The exhibit opening represents a collaborative planning effort among the QLF’s Marine Program in Waldoboro and a number of other local groups and residents who joined to make the event possible. They include the Cushing Post Office, Cushing Public Library, Cushing Community School, Georges River Land Trust, town of Cushing, A.S. Fales & Son, representatives from the Joint Board of Selectmen and the Georges River Shellfish Management Committee, and local residents.

In the days following the opening, the maps will be displayed in various public sites around town — including the Cushing Public Library, Cushing Community School, A.S. Fales & Son and the Cushing Post Office — to allow residents more opportunities to view the maps during their daily rounds and weekend errands.

The exhibit will remain on display in Cushing through March 16, when it will again be on display in its entirety in the community center multipurpose room during town meeting. For more information about the exhibit, contact Amanda LaBelle at 832-8109 or