Farmers market this Saturday

The Grange Farmers Market will be open this Saturday, Feb. 20 at Evening Star Grange from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the second of three winter markets. The regular crew of vendors will have available raw Jersey milk and other dairy items, grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs and chicken, honey and maple syrup, fresh frozen fish, shrimp and other seafood, chevon, and water buffalo meat. There will also be cashmere items, greeting cards, wool hats, jewelry and bird feeders among other items to excite your interest. The farmers market is the only place you can shop for such a variety of goods under one roof and meet and get to know every one of the individuals who grow or create it. This is buying local at its best. One more winter market will be held in March and then in April weekly markets will resume. Visit the market Saturday at the Evening Star Grange across from the library in Washington Village.

Prescott School group plans gardens

The Prescott School Parent Teacher Group is gearing up to execute a long thought of plan for gardens at the school. Starting with this growing season two gardens will be created. On the west side, there will be a Three Sisters Garden using the Native American companion planting method for growing corn, climbing beans and pumpkins. These crops will mature after students return to school in the fall when they can enjoy the planting and the harvest. The second garden on the east side will be raised beds created and overseen with the help of University of Maine Cooperative Extension Educator Ellen Libby, Home Horticulture Program Coordinator Liz Stanley, and Americorps VISTA volunteer Taryn Hammer. Working with students, parents and volunteers, these women will explain how to select which crops to grow and how to plant seeds, tend the gardens and work with raised beds. Several local gardeners have offered to help. Wesley Daniels has volunteered to till the Three Sisters plot, and Stacie Mariano is offering greenhouse space. Still needed is lumber for the raised beds, landscape fabric, a rain barrel, buckets, garden tools and compost — lots of compost. For more information about how to help, contact Sue Frank at 845-2709.

Indoor yard sale, farmers market aid Prescott’s gardens

As with all such projects for our schools, the garden undertaking described above will need financial help from friends and supporters. To help fund the first stages, the Prescott Parent Teacher Group will hold a farmers market and flea market in the Prescott School Gym on Saturday, March 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The group will have many of the usual farmers market vendors there. The group is renting out tables for anyone who wants to sell flea market items. The fee to rent your space is $10 per table. March 6 isn’t that far away so mark your calendar, gather up those items and pitch in for Prescott School. Call Sue at 845-2709 to reserve a table.

Buy seeds to help Prescott grow

A Fedco seed sale is also going on to help Prescott School meet its goal of supporting its new gardens. Seed sale profits will go toward the garden along with the table rental fee and bake sale proceeds from the March 6 farmers market and flea market. The sale offers 25 easy to grow varieties including vegetables, greens and flowers. Seed order forms are due back at the school on Wednesday, Feb. 24. Order forms are available online at or through any Prescott student or faculty.

Perfect day for fishing derby

The annual Hill and Gully Riders Fishing Derby and SnowFest enjoyed a fine turnout in great weather with good ice fishing. What else is there? This family event was a good time for all as Washington Pond was scattered with ice-fishing shacks, buzzing snowmobiles, and the squeals of children delighted by rides on an all-terrain vehicle. The cook wagon served up soft drinks, hot coffee and lunches and everyone enjoyed the great outdoors while hooking up with friends and newcomers. For this writer, who has never even been near a fishing derby before, it was all terrific fun. The children’s interest in the fish caught was fascinating and — from seeing the way the fish felt with ginger little touches to identifying the species and commenting on the size — it was a joy to be there.

Raffle for recliner extended

The Evening Star Grange raffle for a handsome recliner chair donated by Dow Furniture has been extended until Feb. 21 so that we can get tickets not only at Village Market and Gibbs Library but also at the farmers market on Saturday, Feb. 20. The goal is to add as much money as possible to the fund for Steven Noyes. Raffle tickets are $5 apiece.

Moo Milk is here

I saw it right here at our Village Market: Moo Milk. This wholesome milk is organically grown by Maine dairy farmers. Moo Milk is not only produced in Maine, it’s also trucked, processed and distributed only by Maine businesses. This product is a collaboration of 10 Maine organic dairy farmers who banded together for survival’s sake. We wish this sustainable enterprise success.