Central Maine Power Company will hold off resumption of its tree trimming program in Rockland but only for about a month.

City Manager Rosemary Kulow said she talked with a CMP official on Wednesday morning and the utility agreed to stop the tree trimming until the city could hire an arborist to monitor the work. The delay is expected to be about a month.

CMP Manager for Communications John Carroll confirmed the talk but said he wanted to hold off on details of the matter until the city manager could notify the council.

The Rockland City Council on Tuesday night had directed the city manager to contact CMP about a halt to trimming. Councilors had asked for a delay until winter but authorized the manager to handle the negotiations. That timing was due, in part, to the council’s belief that trimming should not be done in warmer weather for the protection of the trees.

Kulow said she has talked with Thomaston Tree Warden Peter Lammert, however, and he said the work does not have to be limited to winter.

The manager said she will contact local aborists and ask for their qualifications and references. She said she hopes to select a company in a week.

CMP said at a meeting earlier this month that it wanted the work done in Rockland before summer when traffic would be much greater due to tourists being in the community.

Many residents have turned out at council meetings to complain about the trimming done on behalf of CMP by ABC Professional Tree Services. Residents have complained about cutting they felt was excessive and about damaged trees as well as the failure of the company to consult with homeowners even when they had requested notification prior to the work.