University of Maine recognized the following students with dean’s list honors for the fall 2009 semester:

Quinn Bardon of Camden

Alexander Calabi of Camden

Megan Callen of Camden

Todd Conner of Camden

Kyle Ettinger of Camden

Mary Fagan of Camden

Alyssa Manzi of Camden

Owen McGlamery of Camden

Keira Monahan of Camden

Julia Nason of Camden

Christian Pieri of Camden

Jeffrey Whittier of Camden

Jeffrey Alexander of Hope

Hilary Sisk of Hope

Heather Barrows of Lincolnville

Danielle Bode of Lincolnville

Jacob Cookson of Lincolnville

Jakob Low of Lincolnville

Ryan Nisbet of Lincolnville

Amy Smith of Lincolnville

Abigail Jones of Owls Head

Mackenzie Murphy of Owls Head

Page Brown of Rockland

Raffaela Campagnoli of Rockland

Amanda Chontos of Rockland

Trevor Davis of Rockland

Laura Dodge of Rockland

Sarah Dow of Rockland

Julie Herbert of Rockland

Joelle Joyce of Rockland

Karen Landry of Rockland

David McGuire of Rockland

Kristina Nickless of Rockland

Hillary Pride of Rockland

Brittany Ross of Rockland

Matthew Cavanaugh of Rockport

Noah Cobourn of Rockport

Alexis Coleman of Rockport

Sarah Davee of Rockport

William Hayes of Rockport

Stephanie Littlehale of Rockport

Joseph McKinley of Rockport

Shane O’Brien of Rockport

Samantha Ferra of Saint George

Matthew Stickney of Saint George

Molly Hoyt of Spruce Head

Edwin Rich of Tenants Harbor

Casey Taber of Tenants Harbor

Ryan Hanc of Thomaston

Peter Walsh of Thomaston

Rebecca Ledger of Union

Cassie Bennard of Vinalhaven

Claire Carter of Vinalhaven

Meagan Davidson of Vinalhaven

Sulva Bray of Waldoboro

Stephanie Lee of Waldoboro

Leslie Wallace of Waldoboro

Angela Abbott of Warren

Mary Beaster of Warren

Emily Bellmore of Warren

Bernard Bishop of Warren

Kevin Tracy of Warren

Jason Rhoda of Washington

Amos Wolven of Washington

Mykel Callaway of West Rockport