An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

The Lincolnville Police Department reported the following activity for the week ending Feb. 8.

Jan. 23 (late entry)

Briar Fishman, 29, of Lincolnville was issued a summons for dog at large by Officer Robert Cartier on Vancycle Road.

Feb. 3

Officer Brian Lunt is investigating a reported burglary on Sand Hill Road. The complainant reported prescription drugs and cash were stolen from a motor vehicle.

Feb. 5

Lunt responded to Oak Hill Drive for service of paperwork.

Lunt responded to Townhouse Road for service of paperwork.

Feb. 6

Cartier responded to Atlantic Highway for a medical assist. A female was transported to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport.

Feb. 7

Cartier conducted a public assist on Greenacre Road for a tenant to retrieve belongings.

Cartier responded to Robbins Road and Oak Hill Drive to serve two subpoenas.

Feb. 8

Cartier responded to Atlantic Highway for a welfare check. Cartier made contact with the resident, who was fine.

Animal Control Officer Ron Young reported the following dog owners have unlicensed dogs listed in Lincolnville. People who have moved, whose dog is deceased or who are no longer in possession of the dog should contact the town office to have the record updated. Dog owners possessing unlicensed dogs as of March 1 may be subject to a civil summons:

Kathy Allen, Kristen Bickford, Megan Borenaz, Lori Doolan, Briar and/or Jonathan Fishman, Daniel and/or Gloria Flynn, Cynthia Gerry, Morgan Gerry, Tammy Gibson, Carrie Grindle, Kenneth Jauron, Mary Lou Kandur, Bridget Kimball, Angela Ladd, James Maurer, Rick McLaughlin, Albert Moores III, Pam Morse, Seth and/or Renee Rogers, Patricia Schade, Seth Silverton, Scott Soule, Bevin St. Charles, Robin Chacon, Michael Feener, Amber Dickey, Maggie Smith, Holly Rutland, Judith Lydon, Josh Howard, Nancy Wight-Bakker.