Gabe Finkelstein recently returned from a three-month sojourn in Nepal’s Himalayas. He will give an illustrated talk on his adventures Sunday, Feb. 28 at 3 p.m. at the Camden Public Library.

“Traveling to the Eastern world is a window into an inside-out version of what we in the developed West are familiar with,” Finkelstein said in a news release. “In the heart of the Himalaya mountains, Nepal is a land displaying a wild convergence of bustling centers enveloped in organized chaos and the mysticism of mountain peoples living in subsistence communities, all of which is scattered with temples and spiritual significance.”

Finkelstein said the photos capture an enlivening and captivating place.

“My images were taken in villages along a 20-day trek around the Annapurna Circuit, jungle wildlife in remote parks, up-close views of Mount Everest and its surrounding giants, and the wondrous disarray of Kathmandu’s markets and ancient spiritual centers,” Finkelstein said.

While in Nepal, Finkelstein met a medical team that is working to help Nepalese suffering from cataracts, a common affliction at high altitudes due to increased ultraviolet light exposure. Finkelstein will also report on his upcoming project to help support the work of the doctors he met.