The spirit and energy flowed at a high level Thursday night at Medomak Valley High School as nearly 75 young cheerleaders representing five Busline League schools converged to strut their stuff in the championship competition.

While the Busline League for athletics geographically spans from Woolwich to Searsport, Thursday’s cheering competiton was an all-Lincoln County affair, with Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, Boothbay Region Elementary School, Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, Bristol Consolidated School and Woolwich Central School vying for trophies.

When the screaming, dancing, tumbling and jumping had ceased, Woolwich was the champion, with Medomak second. Boothbay won the spirit award.

All of the youngsters, who demonstrated strong sportsmanship and goodwill for the sport throughout the event, performed well and lit up the gymnasium with their smiles and performances. There was no shortest of upbeat music, laughter and cheers during the electrifying hour-and-a-half event.

The cheerleaders performed their several-minute routine twice during the competition, with the two scores of the two rounds combined for the final team score. There was a short break between the two rounds.

There were three judges for the event, with each scoring for each team’s routine, Occasionally, there were penalties assessed and deducted from a team’s score.

The final combined results were: 1, Woolwich, 132.9; 2, Medomak, 128.7; 3, Bristol, 107.4; 4, Boothbay, 98.7; and Great Salt Bay, 94.9.

The results from the competition’s first round, with the judges’ scores included, were: Woolwich, 17.9, 26.6 and 31 for a 65.5 total; Medomak, 17.5, 25.3 and 18.1 for 60.9; Boothbay, 13, 22.2 and 17.5 for 52.7; Bristol, 14.5, 22.8 and 17.5 (with a 5-point penalty) for 49.8; and Great Salt Bay, 12, 20.9 and 9.8 for 42.7.

The results from the competition’s second round, with the judges’ scores included, were: Woolwich, 18.3, 27.4 and 21.7 for a 67.4 total; Medomak, 18.4, 26.8 and 22.6 for 67.8; Bristol, 16.1, 24 and 18 for 58.1; Great Salt Bay, 13.5, 21.6 and 17.1 for 52.2; and Boothbay, 12.1, 22 and 16.9 (with a 5-point deduction) for 46.

A list of each school, its competitors and head coach includes:

Medomak Middle School Riverhawks — Eighth-graders Mackenzie Gray, Lyndsey Miller, Lori Meservey, Jennica Smith and Haley Mank; and seventh-graders Kaya Holmes, Katie Hamel, Olivia Ryan, Shyann Metcalf, Shania Melvin, Molly Clevette, Carly Strunk, Becca Hilt, Jewel Prior, Jalyssa Gray, Alyssa Ducharme, Ashlee Wilson and Paige Russell. The coach is Leanne Young.

Woolwich Central School Wildcats — Eighth-graders Kierra Hall, Arielle Curran, Brittany Moore, Sally Gardiner-Smith, Nichole Laggan, Savannah Simmons-Grover, Miranda Doak, Courtney Tibbetts and Kayla Behee; and seventh-graders Micaila Barone, Nikita Morin, Chloe Frye and Tori Grover. The coach is Sherri Simmons.

Great Salt Bay Cougars — Eighth-graders Bella Rocha and Aidan Fraser; seventh-graders Darby McKinney, Sinead Miller and Alex Welch; and sixth-graders Rochel Beaucage, Kylee Poland, Sophie Avantaggio, Kelly Soohey, Makayla Crockett, Arielle White, Syleanna Lovering, Julia Goode and Brittany Prior. The coach is Brie Konitzky.

Boothbay Region Elementary School Wildcats — Eighth-graders Sequoia Hoinsky and Kaia Groneng; seventh-graders Taylor Walby, Brook Smith, Jasmine Page, Megan Pinette and Cheyene Hutchins; and sixth-graders Skyler Davis, Kaylee Farnham, Caroline Witwicki, Maggie MacAllister and Ashley Littlefield. The coach is Lisa Tilton.

Bristol Consolidated School Blue Devils — Eighth-graders Sarah McLain, Niki Mahoney, Lily Winchenbach, Logan Low, Karina Waskiewicz, Ashley Pooler, Shelby Prior, Hunter Herron, Rachel Hughes and Lacey Collamore; seventh-grader Audri Dalyrmple; and sixth-graders Mackenzie Gamage, Gabby Kimball, Emily Guy, Lorin Gildersleeve, Lindsay Brackett and Breanna Blanchard. The coach is Danielle Feltis.

Jim Leonard, athletic director for Rockland District High School and Rockland District Middle School, served as the emcee of the event.

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