Animal shelter needs support

I write this letter to all residents of Knox County. I am seeking your help in an area that needs it. First let me explain who I am and what I do. I am the animal control officer for the town of Thomaston. Since I became the animal control officer, I have on several occasions visited the Humane Society of Knox County shelter and this has included taking cats and dogs to it. What I have observed is that the shelter needs to expand by one building that would be capable of housing all the cats that come in. This building would also be used to maintain and separate the cats in two areas. One part of the building would house any sick cats and the other part would be for healthy cats. The building itself would have to be big enough to handle 25 cages. This would allow control of all cats that come in and prevent any sickness from spreading to other cats.

The shelter at present has three buildings. The main building holds not only the office but also all dogs and cats that come in. The second building houses the sick cats and the cats that are being held for further examination. The third building holds all the dry cat food and dog food plus other supplies used by the shelter. The main building also has all the dog cages that are located to the rear of the building and then you have what is called the holding area, which is a fenced in area to put the dogs in when the cages are being cleaned. All buildings that house the animals are cleaned daily; this includes the cages and bedding.

The lack of space forces the shelter to turn away people  who have brought in cats that are strays or that need special attention.

With the help of people living in Knox County donating just $2 a month for a year, the shelter could build another building that would be able to handle this problem and more.

So now I ask all the people living within Knox County to please consider donating just $2 a month to the shelter. Simply say it’s for the building fund, and if you wish to donate more to this cause then please do so.

The animals will thank you for your help. They may not be able to say it in words, but they will show it in the way they respond to your love and care of them.

And the shelter might be able to come up with a plaque that has the names of people who supported the shelter as a way to say thank for stepping forward and providing a bigger place that ensures piece of mind for all, especially the animals at the shelter.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 542-5301 or go to the shelter and talk directly to the staff.

Thank you for your support of the shelter. I hope you will step up to the plate on this one.

Robert J. Robinson

Thomaston animal control officer


Political advertisements

Sen. Olympia Snowe, in response to the recent Supreme Court decision lifting the ban on certain political advertisements by corporations and labor unions, is right in expressing her opinion that the “decision was a serious disservice to our country.” In her press release, she said: “The effects of the decision will be to undermine existing law, flood the airwaves with corporate and union advertisements, and undercut landmark reforms that I and many others fought to secure to put elections back in the hands of the American people.”

We ask Sen. Snowe to back up these words with action. Will she sponsor and advocate a bill that reverses this ruling? These days it appears that Washington is always quick to give words of outrage or support, but has stopped getting anything done. Reforms of the health care system, financial regulatory system, and job incentives get stopped on the Senate floor by the wall of no votes coming from the Republicans, including our two U.S. senators.

Sen. Snowe issued this press release.  Will she do anything more?

Polly Armstrong, South Thomaston
Debby Atwell, Rockland
Elizabeth Banwell, Stockton Springs
Connie Beasley, Thomaston
Margaret Boyajian, Spruce Head
Rhonda Feiman, Belfast
Amy Fischer, Camden
Petra Hall, Belfast
Jean J. Hewitt, Tenants Harbor
Jane Matthews, Tenants Harbor
Maura Melley, Tenants Harbor
Alexandra Merrill, St. George
Chambliss Neil, Tenants Harbor
Rhonda Nordstrom, Spruce Head
Mary Orear, Rockport
Bonnie Percival, Thomaston
Susan Richardson, Washington
Pat Taub, Tenants Harbor
Jody Telfair, Bristol


Hooray for Faber

Hooray for former City Councilor Adele Grossman Faber and her comments on tree cutting and the recreation building in Rockland. She was the only city of Rockland councilor who spoke common sense. I miss her; we all do. And Councilor Brian Harden needs to know how to treat a lady.

Mrs. Renee Hutcheon



Dogs on leashes

Today my dog and I were out for a walk to enjoy ourselves on the harbor boardwalk. Up ahead, I spied a loose dog. I called out to the owner, asking if his dog was on a leash. His answer was, “She’ll just ignore your dog.” My dog (on a leash) and I turned around and cut short our walk. I was so upset to think that we were obeying the law, but we had to turn and leave.

I have learned from past experience that dog owners can’t speak for what their dogs may do. My dog, while on a leash, has been attacked three separate times by loose dogs. On one occasion, my dog was so scared that she backed away and pulled out of her collar, running all the way home through dangerous intersections.

If you love your dog, be a responsible dog owner and obey the leash law. Do this for your dog’s protection and the protection of others.

Cindy Leonard