Rob Caldwell of WCSH 6 and the show “207” visited the Brass Compass Café in Rockland on Feb. 10.

The TV show filmed a segment showing restaurant owner Lynn Archer making her famous King of Clubs lobster sandwich.

Caldwell said the show’s producers had seen Archer on “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” on the Food Network.

“We were immediately captivated,” he said.

He said Archer has a big, outgoing personality, which is good for television.

“It’s a can’t miss feature story,” Caldwell said. He said part of the story was showing what it was like for someone not used to being on TV to be thrust into the spotlight.

Caldwell said the segment will probably air the week of Feb. 22. He said he expects it to be a four to four-and-a-half minute piece.

Archer said she has dishes named after those who inspired them including the Farnsworth Frittata and the Bobby Flay inspired Bobby Fillet sandwich.

She said she is also working on a cookbook with Flay that will be released through the Food Network.

The Brass Compass is located at 305 Main St. in Rockland.