A 14-year-old male skier from South Thomaston fell 20 to 25 feet from a chairlift at the Camden Snow Bowl on Feb. 11.

According to Jeff Kuller, general manager of the Snow Bowl, the youth did not have the chair’s safety bar down. Kuller said the boy may have been leaning out of the seat and may have caught a ski pole in one of the stanchions that support the lift.

According to the boy’s father, Max Alexander, the youth suffered no permanent injuries.

Although it was at first believed that both arms were broken, on Feb. 12 Alexander reported that his son’s injuries were confined to his right arm, but they were extensive.

“He broke both bones and really mashed up his wrist,” Alexander said. “The breaks they were seeing in the other arm were ‘scar’ breaks from a skiing accident last year. Unfortunately, this year’s break is his right arm, and he is right-handed. But at least he’ll only have one cast.”

Kuller said there was no malfunction of equipment and the ski patrol got to the site of the fall very quickly.

“The ambulance was waiting when he got to the bottom,” Kuller said.

“It’s a good reminder to people that you shouldn’t mess around while riding the chairlift and to put the safety bars down,” Kuller said. “They’re there to keep people in.”

The boy’s father said his son’s accident was “a good opportunity to warn other kids (and parents) about the dangers of the chairlift — and the importance of using the safety bar.”

“He’s lucky he wasn’t badly hurt,” Kuller said. “It’s a bad place to fall.”