A 67-year-old Rockland man pleaded guilty Feb. 11 in Rockland District Court to a charge that he stole a remote control helicopter from a local store.

Michael Crane made an agreement with the District Attorney’s Office that if he meets certain conditions without further violations for the next six months, the charge will be dismissed.

Crane is free on personal recognizance bail and barred from returning to Coastal Hobbies in Rockport. He must complete 50 hours of public service work and must pay $241.49 in restitution.

In addition, Crane is required to identify himself as being on deferred disposition if arrested or questioned by law enforcement and must notify the District Attorney’s Office in writing of any contact with law enforcement within 96 hours. He is also required to advise the court if he moves or changes his telephone number. The defendant must also pay a $10 administrative supervision fee each month.

If he violates the law or the conditions of the agreement he could be subject to being sentenced for theft. Otherwise, the issue is deferred until Aug. 26.

Crane has acknowledged that he took a package with a remote control helicopter from Coastal Hobbies in Rockport on Nov. 28. He said he made it known to the store’s owner that he was taking it to replace the same toy he had bought there that did not work.

Crane said he bought the toy as a combined birthday and Christmas present for his 10-year-old grandson. When he saw his grandson the next time, the boy told him the helicopter would not work.

The Rockland man said he took the helicopter back to the store and was told it would need to be repaired but there was no timetable for when that would be done. He said he asked for his money back or to get another helicopter from the shelf but was told by the owner that it was against the store’s policy.

Crane said he left but went home and watched the Clint Eastwood movie “A Fistful of Dollars,” and that motivated him to return and demand his money back or a replacement helicopter. When he was told no again, Crane said, he gave the owner three options — Crane would get a refund or another helicopter or he would take a helicopter from the shelf and leave.

When the owner warned him against that, Crane took another helicopter from the store in front of the owner and left the store. The owner followed him out and wrote down his license plate number. Crane said he stayed in the parking lot until the owner had time to write down the license number.

Coastal Hobbies owner Kent Woodward said Crane’s version of what happened is largely correct. He said, however, that on Crane’s return on Nov. 28, he was told the part would arrive and he would have the original helicopter back in working order by Dec. 4. Crane said he was never told when it would be completed.

Woodward has said previously there are signs throughout the store, including at the counter, that state the return policies.

Crane is retired. He used to build houses for a living in Vermont. He moved to the Midcoast in 2005.

Kent and Rose Woodward of Coastal Hobbies issued a written statement Feb. 11 that said: “He [Crane] still doesn’t quite get it that the way he went about dealing with Coastal Hobbies was wrong. The judge got it! Coastal Hobbies does warranty work in house as much as we can so the customer doesn’t have to send the product back to the manufacturer for repair and a longer turnaround time. … My advice to Mr. Crane, stop watching Clint Eastwood movies; they don’t stand up in court.”