South Thomaston mail carrier Karen Grierson was on her appointed rounds Feb. 10 when she thought she heard someone call out to her. But when she found George Kittredge, it was clear it was more than a friendly greeting.

“He was lying on his sled,” Grierson said of the elderly man. “He thought he’d been in the cold for about four hours.”

She said the 91-year-old man had been tending to his horse and thought he’d broken his shoulder. Grierson called 911.

“The ambulance got there within a few minutes,” she said. The South Thomaston Ambulance Service transported Kittredge to Penobscot Bay Medical Center in Rockport. A hospital spokeswoman said Feb. 12 that his condition was stable. Grierson said she had heard that Kittredge had broken his arm but would make a complete recovery.

“He’s excited to be going home soon,” she said.

“As mail carriers, we’re supposed to be alert to our customers,” Grierson said. “I always look up his driveway.” She said people should stay aware of the comings and goings of their elderly neighbors.

“Keep an eye on them and see that they’re OK,” she said.

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