Selectmen voted 2-1 at their meeting Feb. 10 to approve $19,316 for a new cement floor in the public works garage in Warren.

The existing floor has cracked and the drains are not working, which means water builds up on the floor after plows come in from snowstorms, according to town officials.

Selectmen Christine Wakely and Wayne Luce voted in favor of the project. Arnold D. Hill voted against it. John Crabtree and Frank Braun were absent from the meeting.

Hill asked if the project would add explosion-proof drains, which he said were needed when working on vehicles where oil or gasoline could be spilled. Watmough had come to the meeting with a quote for the work and said it met all the requirements. He said there was a difference between the requirements for someone operating a business and the requirements for the town. In response to Hill’s question, Watmough said he would find out if those drains were required.

Hill also suggested putting heat in the floor when the new floor is added. Watmough said that would change the project and would cost much more.

When the vote came, Hill said he would have voted yes for the project if he had more information.

In other business, selectmen approved $7,175 to have Benchmark Electric upgrade lighting in the fire station. Watmough said the company had already upgraded the lighting in other town buildings. The changes in the lighting will provide more light and make it more energy efficient.

The town is also expecting a $1,200 energy rebate on the project because it is energy efficient.

The project will add 15 new light fixtures in the bay and upgrade existing lights in the meeting room and other areas of the building.

Watmough informed selectmen that Central Maine Power and ABC Professional Tree Services have been trimming trees in town as part of the routine maintenance of power lines. The work has been going on in several towns.

Watmough provided a map highlighting the areas where the work is being done including Route 97, Peterboro Road, part of Route 1 in that area, Oyster River Road around Anderson Road, Carroll Road, Tolman Road and part of Route 90.

Selectmen tabled plans to buy a new public works truck until the full board is available. The town hopes to replace its 1996 public works plow truck. The truck has 92,476 miles on it and Watmough said plowing miles are different from regular highway miles.

Hill said he favored putting it out to bid.

The selectmen also voted 2-1 to approve the town heating oil budget plan, which will cost $2.53 per gallon through Maritime Energy. Wakely opposed the motion.

Selectmen accepted the resignation of Jennifer Turner from the recreation committee with regret and noted that she had been a real asset to the committee.

Watmough told selectmen some perpetrators had pleaded guilty to cemetery vandalism and the town will work with the Restorative Justice Program as part of the restitution in the case. Wakely and Luce both volunteered to be part of that effort, which will involve a few meetings.

It was also announced at the meeting that the town has heard from its real estate agent that some interest has been expressed by someone who wants to look at the old school building. No details were available on who might buy the school building or what use they have in mind.

Arnold D. Hill is running unopposed for re-election to the Warren Board of Selectmen this year.

Theodore V. Brown and Juanita Brown are running unopposed for school board.