Rockland firefighters helped mop up a flood Feb. 9 at a local restaurant after a sprinkler activated.

According to the Rockland Fire Department, an electric heater was located in a rear entryway of the Navigator Motor Inn. The fan on the heater apparently stopped and the heater got so hot that it activated a sprinkler head above the heater.

The water from the sprinkler flowed into the adjacent restaurant and lounge at the Navigator Motor Inn.

Fire Chief Charles Jordan Jr. said the sprinkler did exactly what it was designed to do. he said the temperature in the entryway had reached 155 degrees which activates a sprinkler head.

Firefighters responded at about 5 p.m. and used wet vacuums to clean up the water.

A contractor was expected to arrive Feb. 10 to get the sprinkler system in working order again so the restaurant and lounge could reopen as early as Wednesday.

The motel part of the Navigator Motor Inn was already closed for the season.