Friends for Friends is pleased to announce the recipients of the November 2009 Benefit Pig Roast.

Jamie Sewell of Warren, home builder and scallop diver, has been snowmobiling since he was a child. He’s been on snowmobile trails all over the state, his favorite of which is in Fort Kent. Each winter season, Sewell goes to Track Down Lodge in Fort Kent with lots of friends for long weekends, enjoying the perfectly groomed trails.

In March 2009, one month after the birth of his son, Sewell was in a tragic snowmobiling accident in Fort Kent, resulting in the loss of his right arm. Because of his unimaginable loss, Sewell was unable to work. The accident also left the snowmobile badly damaged. Friends and family held a benefit dinner and auction for Sewell and his wife to help with the household bills but not for the repair of the snowmobile. Friends for Friends, with the incredible help and donations, repaired Sewell’s Arctic Cat to good-as-new condition, as well as transferring the throttle to be used with his left hand.

PJ’s Powersports in Rangeley donated parts and Dave Jones, Travis Jones and the rest of the crew at Jackman Powersports generously donated parts, time and labor to repair Sewell’s snowmobile. Track Down Lodge in Fort Kent also kindly donated a three-day, two-night stay for Sewell, who is relearning his favorite sport and is very anxious to ride the trails in Fort Kent and “get back on the horse.”

Laurel Moulton moved back to Rockland from North Carolina in 2008 with nothing more than what would fit in her car. Moulton’s daughters and families donated or purchased the basics of what she needed to live, with the exception of a real bed. For just over a year, Moulton had been sleeping on an air mattress that one would take camping. A short time ago, the mattress had been punctured, leaving her to sleep on a foam mattress.

Just a few short months ago, Moulton was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone massive invasive surgery and is now having regular chemotherapy treatments in Brunswick — all without being able to sleep in a real bed. Last month, Moulton was nominated by a Friends for Friends member and has received a new bed and is getting the sleep she needs to help fight the disease.

Dana Dow at Dow Furniture in Waldoboro supplied the mattress and box spring, and the Moosehead headboard, footboard and bed frame were donated by Stephen and Peggy Bade.

In addition, Friends for Friends coordinated the donation of a washing machine to a single mother in need.

Friends for Friends would like to thank the following businesses for their amazing generosity and donations for their functions and friends: Jeremy Sewell, Curtis Meats, Odd Fellows Hall in Warren, Jarden Plastics, Dow Furniture, Jackman Powersports, PJ’s Powersports, Track Down Lodge, Five County Credit Union and Coastal Communications Inc.

Friends for Friends is a charity helping friends in need. To be a member and nominate a friend in need, people can get involved in a function and make a donation. For more information, visit