The Rockport Select Board met Feb. 8 to review an agenda that included a request on behalf of Janice Graffam for an ordinance revision, and an application from Oyster River Lobster of Warren to lease a portion of Marine Park that includes a hydraulic hoist, finger float and 500 gallon fuel storage tank.

J.C. Wood Lobster Co. Inc. of Rockport has leased the space for 17 years, according to meeting notes sent to the board Feb. 4 by Town Manager Robert Peabody. Both companies made similar offers to the town. Peabody said Feb. 9 that the board voted to approve Oyster River’s request to lease the site where bait is supplied to local fishermen. He said the equipment on the site belongs to J.C. Wood.

“My understanding is that Oyster River and J.C. Wood are in negotiations for the equipment,” Peabody said.

Graffam’s request came through legal representative Joseph Russillo. He asked that the Ordinance Review Committee review the rules dealing with the development of structures on the harbor side of Central Street. This ordinance was amended in June 2009 by the voters, according to Peabody’s notes.

The Select Board approved the change that would expand the area of the town’s 913 district covered by the June amendment to include two abutting lots owned by Graffam that were not included in the amendment. The change approved in June 2009 allowed for a 0-foot setback and a maximum building height of 50 feet to mirror the current streetscape.

Peabody said the exception would go to the Ordinance Review Committee for input and would probably appear on the town ballot in June.

The board also voted to accept the recent town audit and to approve the nomination of Parker (Chip) Laite Sr. to the Legislative Policy Committee. That nomination will be forwarded to the Maine Municipal Association for final approval, Peabody said.

The Select Board will hold a workshop Wednesday, March 3 at 3:30 p.m. in the town office. Members will review budget documents developed by the town’s department heads that reflect zero, minus 10 percent and minus 20 percent growth for the coming fiscal year.

They will also decide what provider agencies will be listed for voluntary donation check-off on upcoming tax bills.

The next regular Select Board meeting will be held Monday, March 8 at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Opera House and will be televised on Channel 22.

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