People riding along streets on roller skis may soon face the same regulations bicyclists must follow.

The Maine House voted 91-54 on Feb. 4 to include roller skis — defined as an object affixed to a foot, separately from the other foot, and propelled primarily by human power — under the same regulations as those for bicyclists.

This means roller skis could be prohibited on divided highways and people under 16 years old would be required to wear helmets while using the skis. Motorists would also be required to give three feet of clearance when passing roller skiers.

The Transportation Committee of the Legislature recommended passage of the bill, LD 1640.

Local legislators who voted for the bill were Reps. Charles Kruger, D-Thomaston; Edward Mazurek, D-Rockland; Elizabeth Miller, D-Somerville; Wendy Pieh, D-Bremen; House Speaker Hannah Pingree, D-North Haven; Joan Welsh, D-Rockport; Andrew O’Brien, D-Lincolnville; and Jayne Crosby Giles, R-Belfast.

Voting against the bill were Reps. Veronica Magnan, D-Stockton Springs; Jonathan McKane, R-Newcastle; and Michael Thibodeau, R-Winterport.

Rep. Wes Richardson, R-Warren, was absent from the roll-call vote.

The state Senate has yet to vote on the bill.