Fishermen geared up for an afternoon of ice fishing on Norton Pond ended up bailing from their older model Jeep as it became consumed by flames.

The Lincolnville Fire Department responded to the emergency call that a vehicle was on fire toward the middle to southeastern end of Norton Pond early Sunday afternoon, Feb. 7. The older-style Jeep was at almost dead center of the pond, said Jason Peasley of the fire department.

The driver, Owen McFarland, of Rockport, and his friends were driving across the ice from the boat landing when they saw smoke coming from the engine compartment, Peasley said. They immediately exited the vehicle and called 911, as the smoke turned into flames.

Fire department volunteers arrived at the boat landing at Breezemere Park and drove two personal pickup trucks across the ice, along with extinguishers, pumps, ice augers and lines of fire hose. Drilling holes into the ice, which is approximately two feet thick now at that end of the pond, reported Peasley, they hooked up pumps and began drawing pond water through the hoses, putting out the fire.

After the fire was out, a friend of McFarland’s towed the disabled vehicle with another pickup back to the landing, where it was to be loaded on the back of a flatbed, said Peasley.

The cause of the car fire was not determined, he said.


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