Three people have been arrested and charged with kidnapping an 18-year-old Rockland woman, forcing her into a car and then holding her in an apartment against her will. Rockland and Thomaston police were forced to enter a Thomaston apartment to rescue the kidnapped woman.

Jessica E. Gagnon, 27, of Thomaston was arrested Jan. 27 on charges of kidnapping, assault and terrorizing.

Felicity Hall Butler, 31, of Rockland was arrested Feb. 3 and charged with conspiracy kidnapping and assault.

Zachary Clarke, 26, of Rockland was arrested Feb. 3 at night and charged with kidnapping.

All three were taken to the Knox County Jail. More arrests are expected.

The three are accused of kidnapping Brittney Harvey on Dec. 5, according to an affidavit filed in court by Rockland Police Department Detective Russell Thompson.

According to witnesses interviewed by police, Harvey received a phone call Dec. 5 from Amanda Dyer inviting her over to Dyer’s apartment at 49 Brewster St. for drinks. Harvey’s boyfriend David Bates Jr. told police that he had warned her not to go, and that he was suspicious because Dyer was friends with Gagnon, who had threatened Harvey in the past, according to the affidavit. Dyer offered to pay Harvey’s cab fare for the ride over.

Shortly after Harvey and her boyfriend arrived at the apartment, Gagnon and Butler came out of a bathroom and attacked Harvey. Witnesses state in the affidavit that Gagnon had Harvey by the hair and the two women physically dragged her out of the apartment. They are accused of punching her in the face while she was on the ground. Harvey was dragged across the street to the Movie Gallery parking lot and then forced into a car and taken somewhere else.

Harvey later told police that Gagnon told her, “You are going to get in the car and you’re coming with us.”

Bates had tried to stop them from hitting his girlfriend, according to one witness, but was hindered by Clarke, who was there at the time, according to witnesses quoted in the affidavit.

Rockland and Thomaston police went to the apartment at 313 Main St. in Thomaston. Officer David Johnson had heard and seen people in the apartment, but when he knocked on the door, everyone inside became quiet and the lights were turned off. “I heard him say that we only wanted to make sure Brittney was OK and that we wanted to talk to her to ensure she was safe,” Thompson wrote in the affidavit.

Harvey called the police and told them she was fine and didn’t want to do anything about the fight she’d had with Gagnon.

“I asked Brittney if she was at Jessica’s apartment,” the detective wrote. “Brittney again said she was fine and didn’t want to pursue the matter further. I asked Brittney where she was. Brittney said she was at Drinkwater’s apartment in Rockland (49 Brewster St.). I asked Brittney if she was being held in Jessica’s apartment. Brittney began to respond and I heard another voice in the background say something that sounded like ‘hang up’ and the phone was disconnected at that point. Brittney sounded nervous and her voice was shaking while she talked to me.”

Police checked and found that Harvey was not at the Brewster Street apartment as she had said.

Police entered 313 Main St. in Thomaston out of concern for Harvey’s safety. They found Harvey in a bedroom, sitting on the floor next to a bed where Gagnon was lying. Harvey immediately approached police. She was bruised around both eyes and her right ear. Butler was found hiding in one of the apartment closets.

Harvey told police Gagnon had told her she could leave the apartment once her face healed up. They did not plan to let her go home for a couple of days.

She told police she had been told by Butler that if Butler went to jail that night, she would kill Harvey. Harvey said she was told to make the call to police so they would leave. She said she was also told she would die if the police came into the apartment.

A witness, who had been at the apartment in Thomaston that night, told police he had a moment alone with Harvey during the ordeal and she looked at him and whispered, “Help.”

At that point, Clarke said, “No whispering.”

The witness also told police that Gagnon was angry with Harvey because she said Harvey had called the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and filed a false report.

Bail has been set for Gagnon and Butler at $75,000 real estate or $10,000 cash. Clarke’s bail has been set at $10,000 cash.