The Maine School Administrative District 40 board on Feb. 4 considered a statement of support for the Many Flags, One Campus project and discussed the number of directors for the school board.

The school board unanimously voted to direct the superintendent to write a letter saying that SAD 40 does not support the Many Flags project because it is not in the best interest of the district’s students. The Many Flags project calls for a combined high school, vocational school and higher education facility in the Midcoast. SAD 40 is involved in the vocational education part of the project.

Board member Ann Donaldson said Many Flags organizers did not involve SAD 40 in the planning process, even though Medomak Valley High School students go to the regional vocational-technical school. SAD 40 wasn’t given a seat at the table to discuss how Many Flags would be operated or where it would be located, she said.

Board member Tod Brown said Many Flags missed the opportunity to be more inclusive. He said the overall project may be a good idea, but he could not endorse it from the SAD 40 standpoint. Brown said he wants the district to get what it’s paying for in a technical school.

The board members briefly discussed the size of the SAD 40 School Board. Several members said it is often hard to get people to serve, but overall they agreed to keep the current 16-member board.

“Sixteen people offer 16 very interesting points of view,” Donaldson said. “I like it.”

Donaldson added that people should get on the board to help, not to hinder.

Despite claims that towns often take too long to fill vacancies, the meeting included a new member, albeit one who has served before. Beth Connor was appointed to fill out the term of Washington board member Karen Jelenfy. Connor was welcomed by members who have served with her before.

In other business

The school board unanimously approved the senior class whitewater rafting trip, scheduled for May 1 to May 2.

“I think it’s a good trip,” said Medomak Valley Principal Harold Wilson. “It will be fun for the seniors.”

Taking only a few minutes, the school board approved stipends for coaches and drama positions.

School budget

The school board will meet as the budget committee on Tuesday nights. On the agenda for Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the second floor science classroom at Medomak Middle School is a review of budgets for Miller School, Prescott Memorial School and Friendship Village School.