One year ago, 2009

The Region 8 Cooperative Board heard a proposal from a group of Knox County firefighters who wanted to offer firefighter and emergency medical services training in conjunction with the Mid-Coast School of Technology.

Penobscot Bay Medical Center remained on the preferred list. The hospital had to meet certain state and federal standards to get on the list.

Camden Hills Regional High School senior Gordon Fischer scored his 1,000th career point in a basketball game against Rockland.

Five years ago, 2005

A few local residents built an igloo behind the Coastal Mountains Land Trust building on Mt. Battie Street in Camden. It was minus 7 degrees outside and windy, but inside it wasn’t bad, they said. Paul Cartwright and his wife spent the night in the igloo.

Protesters targeted a Farnsworth Art Museum show. A group of Maine artists planned a demonstration because of the exhibit “Fire and Ice: Combat Art from Afghanistan and Iraq” by Marine Staff Sgt. Michael Fay.

Jack R. Williams of Camden was honored for the toboggan chute he helped build at the Camden Snow Bowl. A sign reading “Ragged Mountain Recreation Area, Home of the Jack Williams Toboggan Chute” was hung at the entrance to the Snow Bowl.

10 years ago, 2000

Two Rockland supermarkets announced plans for full-scale upgrades. The Shaw’s plan was prompted by Wal-Mart’s proposed superstore. The Shop ‘n Save store had not been remodeled since 1987 and was due for the change.

In response to the dangers faced by dogs and people riding in the beds of pickup trucks, the Legislature enacted two laws. It became illegal for unrestrained dogs to ride in the open portion of a vehicle and for people under 19 to ride in the open part of a pickup.

Winslow Homer’s watercolor “Seven Boys in a Dory,” painted in 1873, was acquired by the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland as a gift from an anonymous donor.

25 years ago, 1985

A Superior Court judge struck down a wholesale pricing schedule that would have left small stores paying more for milk than large stores were paying. Local market owners expressed relief at the ruling.

Drusilla Stengel of Camden wrote a letter to President Reagan and filed an application to become the first teacher to go into outer space. The 87-year-old Camden resident hoped to be the first teacher aboard the peacetime space shuttle leaving in 1986. She appeared with Dan Rather on the “CBS Evening News.”

The Women’s Pro Ski Racing Tour, Michelob Light Cup, hit the slopes at the Camden Snow Bowl. The event pitted racers from Norway, Sweden, France and the United States against each other in competition for glory and a total purse of $7,500 in prizes and cash.

50 years ago, 1960

The annual Mother’s March for Polio netted $1,005. The weather didn’t cooperate but the walk was considered a success.

The TV schedule for a Friday night in the 8 p.m. time slot offered Walt Disney on ABC, the “Art Carney Show” on NBC and “Rawhide” on CBS.

100 years ago, 1910

In Hope news, several ladies met with Mrs. H.O. Simmons and formed a society called United Helpers, for the purpose of making arrangements to organize a Sabbath school to be held in the Payson schoolhouse.

An ad said: “Railway mail clerks wanted. The government pays railway mail clerks $800 to $1,200, and other employees up to $2,500 annually.”

An article about sneezing said “it must have been a violent operation before Jacob’s time.”

“We frequently hear the expression ‘God bless you!’ uttered after someone has sneezed,” the article said. “The expression, if we can believe Clodd in his ‘Childhood of the World,’ dates back to the time of Jacob. We are told in Jewish literature that previous to his time men sneezed but once in a lifetime and that was the end of them, for the shock slew them. Jacob prevailed in prayer and had the fatality set aside on the condition that among all the nations a sneeze should be hallowed by the words ‘God bless you!’ In the ‘Jataka,’ one of the books of the Buddhist Scriptures, we read that the expression was ‘May the blessed Lord allow you to live!'”