Lorrie Callaway’s third-grade class at Owls Head Central School recently sponsored a fundraiser for the earthquake-shattered country of Haiti. The project came about because of a social studies lesson on what it means to be a good citizen.

The children planned the project on their own from Jan. 25 to Jan. 29. The students first put donation cans in all the classrooms to get the entire school involved. Next they held a bottle drive. Bottles were collected in the mornings, and students and parents also brought in cans after school. Callaway and Principal John Sommo redeemed the cans each day.

The final event was the fun part, Hat Day. Third-grade students accepted donations in the cafeteria on Jan. 29 and collected $1 or more from students that wanted to wear a hat all day.

The school reported that the fundraiser — with cans for donations, a bottle drive and Hat Day — was a success. The students in Callaway’s classroom raised $1,030 and presented the money to Dr. W. Kevin Olehnik to be forwarded to InterVol, which is the group he traveled to Haiti with days after the earthquake.