Ladies Club

Just a reminder, the Midcoast Ladies Club will meet Tuesday, Feb. 9 at the Camden First Aid Station at 10 a.m. Remember you are to bring items for the boxes that will be put together for people. The group will play beano with prizes furnished. Lunch at Subway will be $5 each. If you have questions, call Arleigh at 236-8691.

Florance leaving

Town Clerk Florance Merrifield called me last Wednesday and gave some interesting news: she is retiring as of Friday, Feb. 26 after working for the town for 32 years. Florance is a person who wears many hats. She told me she of course has been town clerk, tax collector, deputy treasurer, deputy registrar, election warden and anything else they wanted her to be. When I asked her what she is going to do after she gets done, her reply was anything she wants to do such as take a nap, go shopping, sit down and rest or just anything.

Snowmobile meeting

The pizza party will be at the Hatchet Mt. Sno-Riders snowmobile club meeting Saturday, Feb. 13 at the Hope Town Hall at 6 p.m. Each person pays $5. If you are coming, contact Peggy at 763-3347.

Volunteer committee

The Hope School Volunteers will have a meeting Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 6 p.m. at the Hope Elementary School. They will discuss the upcoming spring events to include the next few skating dates, Pen Pall Tea, Teacher Appreciation Day and an activity/supper night at school. The Hope School volunteers no longer have a single president but rather a committee of five, including Maureen Peabody, Molly Cole, Erin Merrill, Wendy Eaton with Julie Brown as the treasurer. They changed the format so that one person would not always have the responsibility of coordinating all the volunteer activities. They have not been having the traditional monthly meetings because the meetings each year have been attended by fewer and fewer people. At their fall meeting, they had five people attend and that included three committee members. It is still their hope to have a fall meeting and spring meeting each year so they can meet in person. As always they appreciate receiving phone calls and e-mails from everyone with new ideas and questions. They hope they will have many come to their spring meeting as they have several activities coming up and would love to share ideas and have as much help as possible. If you cannot attend the meeting on Feb. 10 but have questions or would like to help with any of the activities listed above, please feel free to contact any one of them.

Box tops

The next deadline for box tops submission is Feb. 28. Please keep collecting and sending them to the office. They are halfway to their goal of $1,600 for a Smart Board for the school. Every box top counts.


Please notify the Hope School office at 785-4081 if you have or know of a child living in Hope who will be 5 on or before Oct. 15. It’s budget time and they need to know how many kindergartners to plan for.

Thanks everyone

The Student Council would like to thank everyone who came to the student vs. staff basketball game on Jan. 25. It was a huge success. The final score was students 40 and staff 38. Congratulations to Kylie Fong who won the 50/50 raffle to benefit Haiti. Special thanks to Lisa Durkee for rounding up donations of hot dogs. Great job to the committee: Mark, Isaiah, Paige, Kierra, Tristan and Max. Their next activity will be Spirit Week, which will be the week before February vacation. The talent show is tentatively planned for April 9.

Budget committee

How many people are on the budget committee? How many of you can name the members of the budget committee? Now stop and think. Yes, that’s right, there are nine members. They are Lewis Merrifield, president; Bill Pearse, vice president; Jean Ettlinger, secretary; Terry Miller, Vera Rand, Dana Daniels, Jill Lang, John Jensen and Nancy Dowling. They held their first meeting last week with the next meeting being Thursday, Feb. 11 at the town hall.

Auxiliary meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 19 the call went out for people to gather at the new fire station to discuss holding an auxiliary meeting for the fire department. But if you remember it snowed like you could hardly see. So Jan 25, 12 people gathered at the new fire station to discuss this new project. Those present were Clarence and Nancy Keller, Peggy Ludwig, Dottie Wright, Eileen Ames, Linda Pearse, Sue Heal, Terry Kimball, Clint and Bonnie Martz, Reney Crochere and me. Chief Keller gave the opening remarks and then turned the meeting over to his wife, Nancy. They discussed what this group was going to do and what they could not do. A lot of suggestions were made and it was thought that maybe one project would be done this year. Nancy announced that when the department has a fire and people get together to provide beverages and food for the firemen, you can no longer give them coffee. What was suggested besides water was to use Jello with the water. The next meeting will be Monday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the fire station. These meetings are open to anyone so plan to come with ideas and join the group. If you have questions, contact Nancy Keller or Peggy Ludwig at 763-3347.

Special thanks

William and I would like to thank all the people who sent us cards, called on the phone and sent flowers for our 47th wedding anniversary on Jan. 27.

Cans needed

Faith Hart and I make brown bread as some of you know. We have a problem. Many years ago we used Crisco cans to steam this brown bread. Then we had to change to pound coffee cans, but the coffee cans now have a lip on them and that does not work. If any of you have some old coffee cans we sure would like to have them. They cannot be rusted. So if you want us to make you some brown bread, please come up with some cans. Call us at 763-3108 or 763-3751. Thank you.