Nine top classroom spellers took their places on stage Feb. 3 to compete for the title of top Appleton Village School spellers. Competing in the spelling bee were sixth-graders Kristen Keiran, Cameron Gushee and Casey Gilman, seventh-graders Brianna Flynn, Katie Moody and Carly Dorsky, and eighth-graders Dakota Maddocks, Hayley Williams and Bekah Hilt.

Words flew by as spellers thought carefully, asked for definitions and sentences, and spelled each word. Finally, three top spellers surfaced. They were first place: Brianna Flynn, second place: Kristen Keiran, and third place: Bekah Hilt.

Flynn and Hilt (Keiran will be away with her family) will represent Appleton Village School at the Knox County Bee on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Warren Elementary School.