Union Elementary School congratulated the following students for achieving honor roll status for the second quarter of the 2009-2010 academic year. High honors is all A’s and honor roll is all A’s and B’s.

Third-grade honor roll: Regan Crowe and Jillian Martz.

Fourth-grade high honors: Acadia Calderwood, Somerset Ganz, Maddie LaFrance, Noah Munn, Abigail Nelson, Caleb Savage and Emily Wiley. Honor roll: Danny Barrows, Korbin Daniels, Brianna Ellis, Dacey Holland, Maia Miller, Kayla Naum, Tobin Pontillo, Nicholle Risch and Haley Wyllie.

Fifth-grade high honors: Jasmine Packard. Honor roll: Emma Brooks, Hunter McDaniels-Rossiter, Alika McMurrin, Zackary Peters, Jacob Savage, Matt Simmons, Amber Studley, Hannah Ulmer and Connor Williams.

Sixth-grade high honors: Riley Arbour, Justice Barrows, Chelcie Luce and Jill van der Schaaf. Honor roll: Kassy Benner, Morgan Black, Jerin Brooks, Laurel Brooks, Finley Ganz and Jacob Siegel.