Never were frigid temperatures more welcome than this past weekend as Camden got down to the business of celebrating winter.

While a pair of living statues regally watched the harbor from on high on Jan. 30, beneath them mere mortals carved a wonderland of ice art at the Camden Public Library Amphitheatre. All the while music poured forth, courtesy of the band Stiff Whisker and the Driftwood Kids, to get the carving tools humming.

The eighth annual Camden Winterfest, organized by the Winterfest Committee, closed the books on the month of January. The centerpiece of the Winterfest is the Community Ice Carving Event, which this year drew a dozen teams that represented nonprofits, businesses or just community groups. Carvers set to work on large blocks of ice, learning the handiwork as taught by Chef Tim Pierce of the Samoset Resort, who donated his time to teach how to sculpt ice.

Winterfest is, in part, a revival of the Camden Winter Carnival, according to Winterfest organizers. The carnival was celebrated at the Camden Amphitheatre and the Snow Bowl in the late 1930s and was discontinued in 1941.

Winterfest organizers make it a point not to judge the carvings; instead, awards are bestowed that reflect the unique strengths and characteristics of the artisans. The following awards were made:

Ashwoodians on Ice: Most Colorful

Bay Chamber: Best Sculptural Interpretation of Mission

Carver Hill Gallery: Best Technique

Camden Hills Regional High School Varsity Hockey Team: Most Inspirational; Most  Creative Tool (that would be the carvers themselves) Use

The Edge Restaurant and Bar: Most Inventive Use of Ice

Five Town Communities That Care: Best Expression of Mission

Five Town Football: Spice of Life

“Smallville” (Harbor Carvers): Most Joyful

Hope Fire Department: Most Creative

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship: Most Whimsical

Pen Bay Art Club: Most Inspiring Mission

The Rig: Most Outrageous Teen Social Gathering Place

Riley School: Funniest

Station Maine: Best Team Spirit

Youthlinks: Most Challenging Carving