Selectmen examined three options Feb. 2 for cutting costs, including the possibility of closing the town office one day per week, but have decided in this round of budget discussions to maintain the status quo.

All of the options are aimed at lowering the costs of keeping the town office open full time, according to Town Manager Jay Feyler. At present, the town office is open five days per week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with employees showing up half an hour early and staying half an hour after closing to get their work done, Feyler said.

One option would be to close the town office one day per week. If this option were approved, Feyler said, the office would most likely be closed on Mondays and that would also mean the office would only be open three days per week during holiday weeks.

Another option would be to mirror the state’s shutdown days. The state takes 10 unpaid days off per year now and may take 12 in the future, Feyler said.

A third option would be to cut one hour per day from the town office schedule, saving five hours per week.

Feyler said selectmen did not take an official vote Feb. 2, but seemed to reach a consensus to leave the situation as it is now. The town is in the preliminary stages of looking at the budget. At this time, the budget does not include any raises or any cuts for employees, Feyler said.

The potential cuts are likely to be looked at again as budget talks continue, he said. The town manager said the board members need time to think about the potential changes.

Feyler said the cuts would mean the risk of losing some employees. They could amount to a 20 percent pay cut for town office workers. The cuts could impact as many as eight full-time employees if the Public Works Department is included and five employees if the cuts are applied only to office staff.

Feyler said there were only four or five people in attendance at the Feb. 2 meeting, and they mostly listened to the selectmen discuss the issue.