In the wake of complaints from citizens about the tree cutting done on behalf of Central Maine Power, the Rockland City Council will meet Monday, Feb. 1 with a utility official.

Councilor Elizabeth Dickerson said she wants the council to consider an ordinance to regulate the way the power company trims the trees.

Dickerson said she has received six e-mails and four telephone calls from city residents who are upset about cutting on their properties by tree trimming crews hired by CMP. She also said she can’t walk down the street without someone approaching her with similar complaints. The councilor said if she gets two comments on an issue that is generally a lot.

The complaints began Jan. 21, she said.

Dickerson said she wants the council to consider an ordinance regulating tree cutting. She said CMP has the legal right to cut trees in an effort to reduce damage to lines from falling trees or branches, but the city should be able to make sure the best practices are being used.

One option would be the creation of a volunteer board or the appointment of a city arborist who could review plans by the tree cutting firms or work with them to make sure cutting was only done when necessary.

The City Council meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 1 at 6:30 p.m. at city hall. The public comment session will be at the beginning of the meeting. Dickerson said she would ask the council to place the CMP discussion as the first item on the agenda after the public comment session.

Councilors will also discuss potential revenues from the solid waste operations, the planned memorial walkway in front of 1 Park Drive, a grant application for the recreation center, and setting the agenda for the Monday, Feb. 8 regular monthly meeting.