The Camden Planning Board will hold an informational meeting for citizens Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. in the Washington Street Conference Room about proposed downtown design standards and Gateway 1 recommendations.

Proposed amendments and design standards include:

1. Asking applicants to provide additional information including elevations to scale, showing the facade of a given project.

2. Requiring color samples for exterior surfaces, sample materials, color photos of the streetscape, renderings or photo simulations and photos of historic features.

Proposed design standard stipulations include:

1. The wall of the building facing a street or the harbor shall be treated as a front facade and shall incorporate pedestrian-scale design features such as doors and windows to create a character that complements the overall visual character of the streetscape.

2. The roof shall be designed to maintain the overall visual character of the streetscape, to the extent practical. New single story buildings shall have pitched or gabled roofs whenever possible.

3. The building scale shall be compatible with the character of the district. For all new buildings with more than 5,000 square feet of first floor area, the overall mass of the building shall be visually broken into smaller elements through the physical layout of the building or the design of the facades.

4. The siding material shall be designed to complement the overall visual character of the district.

5. Awning design and colors shall complement the overall visual character of the district. Rigid or fixed metal or plastic awnings are prohibited.

6. Building colors shall be compatible with the character of the district.

7. Other than general lighting for the commercial space, there shall be no spotlights, flashing lights or strobe lights.

8. Buildings with historic features or a specific architectural style shall preserve the historic features or architectural style to the maximum extent feasible.

Other proposed land use amendments include:

1. Adjusting the definition of great ponds, subtidal lands and estuaries.

2. Removing the stipulation that the town’s code enforcement office not be required to publish in a local newspaper a monthly report of building permits.

3. Changing the setback requirements for residences with nonconforming side setbacks.

4. Adjusting the language governing payments and participating in the Parking Trust Fund.