Kathy Kandziolka of Camden will lead a fun and engaging discussion on the environmental impact of food choices Tuesday, Feb. 9 at noonat Merryspring Nature Center.

What people choose to eat affects not only their bodies but also the planet. Some food choices can do more good and less harm to the environment. Recognizing the connections between personal health and the health of the Earth, Kandziolka said she works toward a simple life mission: do more good and less harm.

Kandziolka holds a master of education degree from an affiliation between Cambridge College in Cambridge, Mass., and the Institute for Humane Education in Surry. Kandziolka worked with IHE for two years, training educators about the connections among human rights, environmental preservation, animal protection, the media and consumerism. For five years before joining the IHE team, Kandziolka was involved with The Community School. She also works at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital and is a massage therapist.

Merryspring members and all children attend talks free, and there is a charge of $5 for non-members.

Merryspring is a member-supported nonprofit nature education center and park located at the end of Conway Road just off Route 1 by the Hannaford shopping plaza in Camden. For more information call Merryspring at 236-2239 or visit merryspring.org.