Expert care

This letter is written on behalf of my family in Maine and Massachusetts to express our
gratitude for those who provide services to Midcoast residents responsible for the care of their elderly loved ones.

My mother, Lena Page, lived in Maine for the past 15 months. My wife and I wanted her
to live with us in our home in Owls Head after living alone in her own home in
Massachusetts for nearly 20 years following the death of my father. Due to her failing
health, we soon learned that she required round-the-clock care and attention.

My mother often said she did not want to be in a nursing home. We were able to follow
her wish, and found a place, Homestead in Owls Head, which kept her warm and safe in
her final months. Homestead in Owls Head is a special place, a home away from home,
and the wonderful staff there is to be commended for their patient and caring ways.

Prior to moving to Homestead, my mother spent a period of time at the Knox Center for Long Term Care in Rockland, where she received top-notch care on the second floor Rehab Unit in an effort to help her regain strength and mobility before being discharged to a home-like setting. I cannot say enough about the work ethic and support of the staff at the Knox Center.

Before her arrival at the Knox Center, my mother was admitted on two separate dates to Penobscot Bay Medical Center. The nursing staff, technicians and doctors at PBMC, many of whom are neighbors, friends and acquaintances, were expert at performing their respective crafts.

On three separate occasions, emergency transportation to PBMC, combined with skilled on-board medical support, was provided by Rockland Emergency Medical Services.
From our home, and then from Homestead, the young women and men of Rockland Fire
and EMS were professional, prepared and effective in persuading a proud and
headstrong woman to take the trip, then caring for her on the ride to the hospital.

Eventually, hospice care was provided to my mother by Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care and Hospice. Hospice staff and volunteers are there not only for the patient, but for the family. They give comfort to their patients and guidance to family members. They are good at what they do, and Midcoast families should learn more about this important program.

Then finally, when the inevitable occurred on Jan. 15, there was Burpee, Carpenter & Hutchins Funeral Home in Rockland. Working closely with our “official” funeral director in Massachusetts, BCHFH provided a level of personal service that meant so much to us. Their support is something we will always appreciate.

Lena Page graced this earth for 94 years and 5 months. In addition to many visits, she
was fortunate to have had the chance to live part of her life in Midcoast Maine, where we
have so many organizations and caring people who are there to help in difficult

Thank you to all who touched my mother’s heart and made her feel at home in Maine.

Gordon Page

Owls Head