It was a good day all-around for many Midcoast high school wrestlers Saturday at Cony High School as Camden Hills secured another league team championship, Medomak Valley senior Steven Genthner, who recently surpassed 100 career wins, was the meet’s most outstanding Class B grappler and five student-athletes came home with individual titles.

Camden Hills, Mount View of Thorndike, Medomak Valley and two-time defending league, regional and state champion Belfast were the Midcoast squads that participated in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championships Saturday at Cony.

When the dust had settled on the day of competitive wrestling, eight local grapplers had either secured firsts or seconds in the event. Another six placed either third or fourth.

The top-four finishing local grapplers were:

Camden Hills — Coleman Powers (1st at 103 pounds), Zac Fields (1st at 130), Brandon Rich (2nd at 140), Jacob Powers (2nd at 160), Tom Cassidy (3rd at 125) and R.J. Muir (4th at 152)

Belfast — Jordan Young (1st at 112), Brent Waterman (1st at 119), Ethan Fitzjurls (3rd at 140) and Evan Drinkwater (4th at 103).

Medomak Valley — Genthner (1st at 145), Ben Lufkin (2nd at 112) and Trevor Neilson (3rd at 171).

Mount View — Tristen Ripley (3rd at 160).

The team scores were: Camden Hills 187, Morse of Bath 160, Cony of Augusta 148.5, Mount Blue of Farmington 128, Mount Ararat of Topsham 120, Erskine Academy of South China 111, Oak Hill of Sabattus 107.5, Belfast 103, Gardiner 100, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 92, Medomak Valley 80, Skowhegan 54, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 45, Oxford Hills of South Paris and Brewer 37, Brunswick 33, Nokomis of Newport 20, Mount View 18, Winslow 15, Bangor 11 and Lawrence of Fairfield 7.

Camden Hills last won the league crown in 2006-07. In 2007-08 and 2008-09, Belfast won league, regional and state crowns.

The individual results for Midcoast grapplers were:

103 pounds — C. Powers, CH, received a first-round bye; pinned Ryan Mosher, Win, at 0:56; pinned Nick Kothman, EA, at 3:27; and pinned Gary Stevens, Mor, at 2:56 in the championship final. Powers finished first.

Drinkwater, Bel, pinned Taylor Pomerleau, OaH, at 0:58; lost to Stevens, Mor, 9-2; received a bye; beat Nikki Leeman, LA, 5-1; and was pinned by Khalil Newbill, MtB, at 0:23 in the consolation final. Drinkwater finished fourth.

112 pounds — Young, Bel, received a first-round bye; pinned Danielle Ilsey, OxH, at 0:40; won by major decision over Kevin Morse, MtB, 12-2; and won by major decision over Lukin, Med, 10-2 in the championship final. Young finished first.

Lufkin, Med, received a first-round bye; pinned Kayla Vigue, Win, at 0:29; pinned Andrew Ancira, Con, at 5:05; and lost by major decision to Young, Bel, 10-2 in the championship final. Lufkin finished second.

119 pounds — Waterman, Bel, beat Keith Madore, OaH, 6-0; pinned Jacob Barrett, Mor, at 0:55; won by major decision over Calan Bragg, CH, 12-0; and beat Jared Jensen, Brun, 4-1 in the championship final. Waterman finished first.

C. Bragg, CH, received a first-round bye; beat Nicholas Hyde, MtB, 17-14; lost by major decision to Waterman, Bel, 12-0; and lost by technical fall to Madore, OaH, 19-2.

Cheyenne Augustine, Med, pinned Marissa Cox, MtV, at 0:34; was pinned Bryton York, EA, at 3:37; received a bye; and lost by technical fall to Madore, OaH, 21-4.

Cox, MtV, was pinned by Augustine, Med, at 0:34; received a bye; and was pinned by Hyde, MtB, at 0:40.

125 pounds — Cassidy, CH, received a first-round bye; pinned Brendan Mammina, LA, at 1:31; lost to Wyatt Brackett, Mor, 3-2 in two overtimes; beat Nicholas Paine, OxH, 11-4; and beat Connor Dufour, Con, 2-1 in the consolation final. Cassidy finished third.

Winston Poole, Bel, was pinned by Mammina, LA, at 0:43; received a bye; and was pinned by Paine, OxH, at 2:24.

130 pounds — Fields, CH, pinned Daniel Meyer, LA, at 0:28; pinned Chris Folsom, Law, at 4:55; pinned Peter Tracy, Con, at 2:25; and beat Dan DelGallo, Gard, 7-5 in the championship final. Fields finished first.

Derek Tripp, MtV, was pinned by Craig Morrill, OaH, at 1:29; and was pinned by David Adams, EA, at 0:46.

135 pounds — Max Bragg, CH, was pinned by Wyatt Thornton, Gard, at 1:25; pinned Christina Garlarneau, OaH, at 0:33; pinned Nick Dugas, Brew, at 3:20; and lost to Brandon McDougal, Mor, 5-0.

Mark Dolloff, MtV, was pinned by Connor McGowan, Brun, at 0:52; received a bye; and lost by major decision to McDougal, Mor, 10-0.

140 pounds — Rich, CH, pinned Luke Moreau, Mor, at 2:46; pinned Donald Vannah, OaH, at 1:40; won by forfeit over Derek Juchnik, LA: and lost to Kaleb Austin, Skow, 4-3 in the championship final. Rich finished second.

Fitzjurls, Bel, pinned Kory Pelletier, MtV, at 3:45; pinned Zach Abram, Gard, at 1:36; was pinned by Austin, Skow, at 1:05; beat Calan Lucas, MtB, 4-2 and won by forfeit over Christopher Ouellet, MCI, in the consolation final. Fitzjurls finished third.

Taylor Olsen, Med, was pinned by Vannah, OaH, at 5;09; pinned Moreau, Mor, at 4:00; and was pinned by Ouellet, MCI, at 1:15.

Pelletier, MtV, was pinned by Fitzjurls, Bel, at 3:45; received a bye; and was pinned by Aaron Taylor, EA, at 1:25.

145 pounds — Genthner, Med, pinned Jake Blanchette, MtV, at 1:08; pinned Hunter Tibbetts, MCI, at 0:22; beat Drew Leman, EA, 3-0; and pinned Joseph Rinalid, MtA, at 2:45 in the championship final. Genthner finished first.

Neal Harrison-Billiat, CH, pinned Dylan Bernosky, Bel, at 5:44; was pinned by Leeman, EA, at 3:07; pinned Olivia Labrecque, OaH, at 3:00; pinned Martin Shott, LA, at 2:38; and lost to Jonathan Iams, MtB, 7-0.

Blanchette, MtV, was pinned by Genthner, Med, at 1:08; received a bye; and was pinned by Jordan Brown, Gard, at 4:59.

Bernosky, Bel, was pinned by Harrison-Billiat, CH, at 5:44; beat John Loschiavo, Mor, 3-1; and was pinned by Thon Itthipalakorn, Con, at 2:55.

152 pounds — Muir, CH, pinned Juniper Garvin, MtV, at 1:03; lost to Derek True, MtA, 4-2; pinned Norton Revell, Con, at 1:11; pinned Raymond Clark, MtB, at 2:10; won by injury default over Justin Philbrook, Bel; and lost by forfeit to Patrick Fortier-Brown, Gard, in the consolation final. Muir finished fourth.

Philbrook, Bel, pinned Clark, MtB, at 0:45; beat Fortier-Brown, Gard, 10-6; was pinned by Revelin Goewey, MCI, at 3:01; and lost by injury default to Muir, CH.

Garvin, MtV, was pinned by Muir, CH, at 1:03; received a bye; and was pinned by Bryan Johnson, Brew, at 0:59.

160 pounds — J. Powers, CH, received a first-round bye; won by major decision over Michael Hamm, OaH, 9-1; beat Justin Pelletier, Con, 8-2; and lost to Joey Buzzell, Skow, 3-2 in the championship final. Powers finished second.

Ripley, MtV, received a first-round bye; beat Patrick Hapworth, MCI, 7-5; was pinned by Buzzell, Skow, at 2:50; pinned Hamm, OaH, at 1:58; and won by forfeit over Hapworth, MCI, in the consolation final. Ripley finished third.

Forrest Boynton, Bel, beat Andrew Bryant, LA, 7-6; lost to Buzzell, Skow, 3-0; and lost by major decision to Ryan Wood, EA, 11-1.

171 pounds — Neilson, Med, received a first-round bye; was pinned by John Soucy, Brew, at 5:13; pinned Vitaliano Tantoco, Con, at 2:54; pinned Anthony Batty, CH, at 2;14; pinned Victor Irwin, Ban, at 2:05; and won by forfeit over Britton Moholland, MCI, in the consolation final. Nielson finished third.

Batty, CH, pinned Jordan Fowler, MtV, at 1:00; lost to Sean Marrero, Mor, 6-1; beat Colt Pierce, EA, 7-4; and was pinned by Neilson, Med, at 2:14.

Fowler, MtV, was pinned by Batty, CH, at 1:00; and was pinned by Moholland, MCI, at 0:54.

Richard York II, Bel, was pinned by Dillon Tibbetts, OaH, at 0:57; and was pinned by Tantoco, Con, at 2:56.

189 pounds — Brandon Graffam, CH, received a first-round bye; was pinned by Dan Rinaldi, MtA, at 1:07; pinned Brandon Pelkey, Brew, at 1:10; beat Dylan Look, Med, 7-6; and was pinned by Stephen Morse, EA, at 2:54.

Look, Med, was pinned by Roger Guptill, LA, at 3:27; received a bye; beat Peter Kelley, Bel, 13-9; and lost to B. Graffam, CH, 7-6.

Kelley, Bel, pinned Mitchell Chesley, Gard, at 3:58; was pinned by Thomas Vallee, Con, at 0:13; and lost to Look, Med, 13-9.

215 pounds — Rhett Chase, CH, pinned Gabe Delano, Med, at 1:50; pinned Garrett Poulin, MCI, at 3:03; was pinned by Nick Wells, OaH, at 1:39; and was pinned by Alac Buker, OxH, at 4:22.

Delano, Med, was pinned by Chase, CH, at 1:50; beat Raymond Alden, LA, 10-3; and was pinned by Buker, OxH, at 2:15.

Devan Fuller, MtV, was pinned by Buker, OxH, at 1:10; and lost to Tyler Salley, Gard, 8-1.

285 pounds —Jeff Bailey, CH, was pinned by Heiko Nichols, Nok, at 1:25; received a bye; pinned Arianna Irwin, Ban, at 2:03; and was pinned by Sean Gary, EA, at 1:55.

Mike Robinson, MtV, was pinned by Henry Chandler, MtA, at 0:59; received a bye; and was pinned by Nichols, Nok, at 1:27.

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