There are three specific issues that have not been thoroughly considered in the proposal to consolidate Rockland District High School and Georges Valley High School.

No, graduation requirements and course descriptions are not those issues. Transportation, finances and class sizes are also of less importance than these other matters of concern.

The most crucial, unanswered questions are about what the mascot, school colors and name for the new consolidated high school will be. Oh yes, a few people raised the issues during a school board meeting earlier this month but there was not adequate attention paid to these urgent matters.

The problem is that there are two school names, two mascots (Tigers and Buccaneers), and two pairs of colors (black and orange versus green and white).

How will our communities come together to find a way to bridge these differences?

The district could simply name the new high school the Rockland District Area High School. Adding the word “area” to the name would take in the suburbs of Thomaston, St. George and Cushing as well as the existing suburbs of Owls Head and South Thomaston. Rockland is the most populous community and is clearly the center of the region.

But those suburban communities would likely consider that an affront to their communities. So nix the idea of Rockland District Area High School.

Georges Valley High School could work for the name of the combined high school. The name originates from the English explorer George Waymouth who landed in 1605 at the mouth of the river, which coincidentally was named the St. George River.

Waymouth came ashore but was unable to afford the property taxes in the town. He promptly sailed back to England with a few postcards and lobster rolls, never to return to the Midcoast.

Thus, Georges Valley High School will likely not end up being the name of the combined school.

Both schools are located near Penobscot Bay. Perhaps the name Penobscot Bay Regional High School could be a compromise choice. Then again, there are already a number of institutions named after the bay. The hospital, the chamber of commerce, and several businesses contain Penobscot Bay in their names. This could lead to confusion.

If a football player twisted his ankle and asked to be taken to Penobscot Bay, he could end up in the locker room, in the emergency room or at a shop getting his windshield replaced.

According to one source, the word “Penobscot” originates from a mispronunciation of the word “penawapaskewi,” which means rocky part or descending ledges. This is not the image a school wants to promote.

Regional School Unit 13 District High School also leaves a lot to be desired.

Since there seems to be no resolution to this debate, maybe trying to settle on a school color would be easier.

The district would need to eliminate black, orange, green and white since those would tend to favor one region of the district over the other. Red would also have to be eliminated since it is the color of Camden Hills Regional High School and Rockland folks would never want to have the same color as their chief rival Camden.

This leaves very few choices.

Since school colors are mostly tied to sports and many of the sports are contact sports — football, soccer, golf (if the player is a really poor shot) and hotly contested chess matches — perhaps black and blue would be appropriate. But since black is eliminated that would leave blue.

This leaves the contentious choice of the mascot for the consolidated high school. One possibility would be a tiger waving a sword and wearing an eye patch.

The sword, however, is a weapon and would lead to the mascot’s arrest and expulsion from school grounds. The same would hold true for a pirate with a sword wearing orange and black stripes.

Rockland has more windjammers than Camden and could claim title to that name but that would lead to hate and discontent in the region.

Animals are favorite mascots for most schools but tigers, eagles, riverhawks and panthers would need to be tossed out because local schools already own those rights.

The district should look to something that is synonymous with the area. The tower at Dragon Products cement plant is visible from the north end of Rockland to the St. George Peninsula. A dragon could become the mascot.

For those who are bird lovers, eagles are already taken, but there is an alternative. Seagulls are one of the predominant birds of the region and are tied to our maritime heritage.

So you see, there is much to be debated before the two high schools combine.

In an effort to reach a resolution, the following is a survey. Simply mark your choices.

School name

a) Rockland District Area High School

b) Georges Valley District Area High School

c) Penobscot Bay Area Regional District High School

d) Midcoast Route 1 Area Regional District Consolidated High School

e) None of the Above Area Regional District Consolidated High School

School colors

a) Orange and black

b) Green and white

c) Orange and green

d) Black and white

e) Black and blue

f) All of the above

School mascot

a) Tony the Tiger

b) Captain Crunch

c) The Trix Rabbit

d) Dragons

e) Seagulls

f) None of the above