Struck and struck again

no God knows why

small comfortable people

living in an impecunious style

taking so little of earth’s provender

living in heat with such humility


There are men on earth’s oceans

with 250 foot yachts

there are people even here in Maine

a poor state with two cars per two person families

some in these United States

who spend what the generals want

a million per soldier

in a war doing no one any good

can we stop this nonsense now?

can we rebuild Haiti

with our billions reassigned

give everyone there

for whom it is not too late

a safe home, safe medical care, safe food, safe water?

It could be done

if we only see the real cure of peace

giving to the poorest

everything more than they need

a little luxury

that many take for granted

three meals a day would be luxury

for many

eliminating street running sewers

we should be crying ourselves to sleep

and wake in a safe morning, mourning

giving some of the pennies, dollars, thousands

as each can afford

we must be giving life

instead of making stupid religious remarks

and passing it off

as some sin that both children and adults

have committed

these are human beings for God’s sake

we can aid all those who need it

and now who in Haiti does not need it

and who among our bloated souls

does not need it?

Give everyone the courage to give

to share a bit

if we all shared our bit

those who need help so desperately

would be assuaged

and our consciences would meet with favor

that we had given life, a better life

and in so doing given ourselves meaning

and a life we can say we live in honor.