A federal decision to designate the coastal waters of Camden, Rockport, Rockland and portions of Owls Head a no discharge area will help preserve the nearly pristine quality of the Maine Coast, according to Rockland Harbormaster Ed Glaser.

Glaser said Jan. 28 that the new designation is an extension of the no discharge zones that exist in Casco Bay and throughout southern New England.

“It means that no one is allowed to pump the contents of a wastewater holding tank within three miles of the coast,” Glaser said. “There’s more and more pressure from boats using local harbors every year.”

“This is a measure to make sure they don’t pump their toilets overboard,” he said.

“The state has been working fairly hard over the past few years to get every town on the Maine Coast, at least those in Penobscot Bay, to have a pumpout station,” he said. Glaser said the state provided some funding to communities and private wharves to help them install the stations.

“Some private yards charge to use these but most of the public facilities do not,” he said.

Glaser said he was pleased that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made the change.

“For some people it’s an inconvenience,” Glaser said. “From my standpoint it’s a wonderful step to keep the waters clean.”