Barbara Kopishke’s Prescott Memorial School students read about Hannah’s Socks — the organization’s motto is “Warm Feet, Warm Hearts” — in a November issue of their Scholastic News magazine.

The students were touched by the story of Hannah Turner from Perrysburg, Ohio. While she was volunteering at a homeless shelter with her mother, Hannah noticed a man wearing shoes with holes in them and no socks. Four-year-old Hannah offered her socks to the homeless man.

“He can have my socks,” Hannah said.

The next day, Hannah and her mother bought and donated 100 pairs of socks to the shelter and later created the Hannah’s Socks organization.

Kopishke’s students decided they wanted to collect and donate socks for Hannah’s organization. The class set a goal of 75 pairs and presented the Sock Drive to each class at Prescott Memorial School. A large box decorated with socks was placed outside Kopishke’s classroom along with a chart to show how many pairs had been collected. After just four days the school surpassed the goal and there was still a week of collecting to go. In the end, the Prescott students, staff and community donated 147 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s socks. The socks were divided and donated to The Bread of Life Shelter in Augusta and New Hope for Women in Rockland.

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