Nomination papers in Washington

The town of Washington is accepting nomination papers for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen and a one-year term on the Maine School Administrative District 40 School Board.

Nomination papers may be picked up at the town office during normal business hours. All nomination papers are due back to the Washington Town Office by Thursday, Feb. 11 at 1 p.m.

Washington Bicentennial Committee accepting slogan, logo entries

The town of Washington bicentennial celebration is more than a year and a half away but plans have begun to make it a big event. A committee of volunteers including Wendy Carr, Vic Oboyski, Laurie Kniesner, Carol Sloane and Cheryl McKeary is working with selectmen Wes Daniel, Kathy Ocean and Don Grinnell to lay the groundwork for a special tribute to the town and its people.

Francina Pearse, who was chairman of Hope’s celebration a few years ago, and Peggy Ludwig attended a meeting in Washington to share some of their experiences. The meeting showed the town that it is on the right track, according to organizers. Pearse was especially impressed that Washington had budgeted bicentennial funds for several years – to the credit of forward-thinking town officials and voters.

Among the first orders of business is creation of a bicentennial slogan and bicentennial logo that will be featured on correspondence, posters, banners and other materials for the bicentennial year 2011. Both the slogan and the logo should be representative of the town’s 200-year history and reflect its values and accomplishments. The logo should include the words “Washington” and “bicentennial” and the dates “1811 – 2011” somewhere in the design, and should be fitting for both color and black-and-white applications.

All Washington residents are eligible to submit any number of entries in hand-drawn or digital form. All entries should be sent to Bicentennial, Washington Town Office, P.O. Box 408, Washington, ME 04574 or dropped off at 40 Old Union Road. Be sure to attach name, address and phone number to all entries. Electronic submissions may be sent to The deadline for entries is Feb. 28. The Washington Bicentennial Committee will select the logo and the slogan, and unveil them at town meeting 2010.

Many volunteers will be needed to handle a long list of things to do for the bicentennial. Some of the committees will be budget, exhibits, grounds, talent show, parking, traffic control and souvenirs. The town will continue to enlist helpers right up to the day of the celebration. For more information or to participate as a volunteer, contact the Washington Board of Selectmen at or call the town office at 845-2897. The town will need coordinators for each of the committees.