The following deeds were recorded from Jan. 19 to Jan. 22 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Russell C. Burns and Bonnie W. Burns to Shane R. Burns and Deborah K. Burns.


Joseph E. Lebenzon and Suzette M. Lebenzon to Ronald L. Vanosdol and Ann K. Vanosdol.

Betsy Marcella Weintraub Est. to Ilene Felice Weintraub and Paul Aron Weintraub.


Debra L. Feyler to Sherrill Arey.

John N. Goodridge Est. to Rebecca L. Hinsley.

Evelyn N. Kalloch to Evelyn N. Kalloch.

Owls Head

Douglas Merrill Tr. and Merrill Living Trust to Douglas W. Merrill and Amy Beth Merrill.


U.S. Bank National Association Tr. and Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Atty. to Marcia Sewall.

Roadside Property Rentals LLC to Mildred Snowman.

Bank of America NA Tr., GSAMP Trust 2006 HE5 and Litton Loan Servicing LP Atty. to Gregory Cloutier.

Eric O. Likhonine to Ainslee Pine.


John K. Turke and Catherine A. Turke to Reginald E. Burleigh and Muriel A. Burleigh.

Lyle Sherburne to Sharon C. Tobiassen.

G. Gordon White and Gloria F. White to Stephen T. White and Mary T. White.

St. George

William J. Reinhardt to William S. Reinhardt, Mark S. Reinhardt and Beth H. Reinhardt.

Edna I. Watts Est. to Robert F. Watts.

South Thomaston

Leslie P. Coleman, Ruth Paddock and Moira Paddock to Ilka Morse.

Ilka Morse and Ilka Paddock Morse to Dale L. Morse and Ilka Paddock Morse.

Russell L. Arey Jr. to Russell L. Arey Jr. and Kathryn G. P. Arey.

Douglas McLennan and Laura McLennan to Shaun D. McLennan.


TC Contracting LLC to Matthew Holloway.

Bank of America National Association to CSD Properties LLC.

Stephanie A. Simmons and Debra A. Viola to James L. Barnes.

Roger W. Hannemann and Marion N. Hannemann to Paul T. Hannemann.


Matthew Crossman and Stephanie Crossman to Four CS LLC.

Kyle P. Michael and Melissa J. Michael to Johanna Day.