An eight-year-old Rockland boy was awarded with a framed certificate, a Rockland police patch and a medal of heroism Jan. 26 in recognition of his quick action to call 911 when his father was attacked at their home in September.

Rockland Police Chief Bruce Boucher and dispatcher John Gamage presented the awards to Cody Hall at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Rockland Deputy Police Chief Wally Tower also attended the event.

Hall called 911 on Sept. 9 when he witnessed his father being attacked. He stayed on the phone with the dispatcher throughout the attack, giving information that aided police in getting to the house and helping his father.

Jeremy Peterson, 20, a transient, was sentenced Oct. 28 to five years in jail with all but two years suspended for aggravated criminal trespass and two counts of assault. He was also given concurrent lesser sentences for violating probation.

Peterson knocked on the door at the Hall home on Rockland Street Sept. 9 and asked Cody Hall’s father, Charles Hall, if this was where the party was. The father told Peterson he was mistaken and sent him on his way, but Peterson came back. When Charles Hall opened the door a second time, Peterson attacked him, forcing him onto the stairs in the house and putting him in a choke hold, according to police and the Halls.

At one point, the father acted as if he had passed out, hoping the attacker would release his grip, but instead, Peterson tightened his choke hold on the resident.

After Cody Hall called police, they arrived and subdued Peterson with pepper spray and a Taser gun.

The boy’s father suffered bruises, but no serious injuries.

On Jan. 26, police and dispatchers praised Hall for doing the right thing. He was given a hat, a police patch, a deck of Rockland Police Department trading cards, a medal and a framed certificate.

The certificate states that it was presented to Hall “in recognition of your quick action and proper use of the Emergency 9-1-1 system to summon emergency assistance that led to the rapid intervention of a crime in progress.” It was signed by Knox Regional Communications Director Linwood Lothrop and Boucher.

Cody Hall’s mother, Robin Hall, of Rockland was also in attendance. Cody Hall is a second-grade student at the South School in Rockland.

Following the presentation, Hall and his mother were given a tour of the Knox Regional Communications Center where dispatchers answer 911 calls.