Nearly two dozen Miller School students took the stage Jan. 22 for the school’s Open Mic Night. The elementary school students sang songs (Taylor Swift was a popular choice), showed yo-yo skills, danced, played instruments and told jokes.

“Open Mic Night is an opportunity for kids to enjoy sharing their talents with family and with the community and begin to feel comfortable on stage,” said guidance counselor Beth Dickey, who organized the event and played the music from her computer.

Dickey said it was the first time many of the students had performed on stage. Dickey said she was pleasantly surprised by some of the students that performed at Open Mic Night.

“Every kid deserves a moment in the spotlight,” Dickey said.

The Rusty Hinges performed a few songs in between student acts and led a singalong with “This Land Is Your Land” and “You Are My Sunshine” as the program came to a close.

While waiting to go on stage, students practiced their dance moves in the gym and purchased cupcakes and brownies from the Girl Scouts, who are raising money for a trip to Washington, D.C.

The event started with Channing Soper’s Chinese yo-yo tricks. Ella Grant sang “Leave It to Me.” And Juno Buendia got a lot of praise for singing “Touch My Hand” by David Archuleta.

Aalyah Wright danced to Jordan Sparks’ “Battlefield.”

“She is such a fabulous dancer. That was her debut,” Hickey said as Wright stood in the spotlight to receive her applause.

Kasey Libby sang “Fireflies” by Owl City, as did James Elliott.

“Kasey is an amazing singer,” Dickey said.

“James, I didn’t know you could sing,” Dickey said.

Josh Robinson played “Bermuda Triangle” on the clarinet. Before he played, he told the knock-knock joke about the oranges and the banana. Punchline: “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana.”

Hickey joined her daughter Rose on stage to sing “Oh My Darling, Clementine” and “Red River Valley” while her daughter played the guitar.

“Go Rose,” a couple of her classmates shouted from the audience.

Ashley Gray shared her talent, Deanna Dupuis and Taylor Willis danced and sang together, and Kierra Safford sang “Life Is What You Make it” by Hannah Montana. Several other students also performed before the grand finale trio of Shelby Ward, Lei-Ann Sproul and Aryn Ducharme took the stage for their choreographed dance routine.